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The world's highest infinity pool has opened in Dubai

The Address Beach Resort inspires with a brilliant view

11 May 2021

Hotspot Dubai a new highlight is waiting to be explored. Because in the exclusive Address Beach Resort, the officially highest infinity pool in the world has opened. The pool is located on the 77th floor of the hotel. Guests can enjoy the brilliant view over the city at a height of over 290 metres.

The Infinity Pool breaks all records

The new pool at Address Beach Resort was designed by Guinness World Records the highest in the world. At a spectacular height of exactly 293 meters, the pool offers an unforgettable view of the most famous buildings in Dubai. You can see the Burj Al Arab, the Palm Jumeirah, known as the Palm Island, and the Ain Dubai Ferris wheel, which is also the highest in the world.

The new infinity pool in Dubai is the world's tallest. Credit: Address Beach Resort

But not only the view, also the infinity pool itself is impressive. It is 94.8 meters long and 16.5 meters wide - twice as long as an Olympic-sized pool. To maintain exclusivity, only guests 21 and older are allowed to swim in this pool.

The exclusive Address Beach Resort

Besides the pool, which has just broken a world record, there are numerous other pool facilities in the resort - for children and adults. And the rooms are also something to behold. Simple but luxurious design meets an incredible view, which you can enjoy from almost all rooms and suites.

Pure luxury: The premises of the exclusive resort. Credit: Address Beach Resort

If you prefer to stay dry and still enjoy the view, you can sit right next to the infinity pool. Because on the 77th floor of the resort is also the Asian fusion restaurant Zeta Seventy Seven, which also promises a magnificent view.

Zeta Seventy Seven is also located on the 77th floor. Credit: Address Beach Resort

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