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A Hotel Experience All About Sleeping

Hästens opens first "Sleep Spa

30 September 2020

Opening in the picturesque Portuguese city of Coimbra is Hästens Sleep Spa - a hotel concept where guests can enjoy first-class sleep. The property's 15 unique rooms offer guests the opportunity to sleep on the high-quality Hästens beds. A pillow selection customized to individual needs guarantees the complete Hästens experience. "At Hästens Sleep Spa, we want to show people how the body can have a really good night's sleep thanks to the right equipment. We have great sleep expertise and want to offer everyone the opportunity to experience the high comfort of our beds. That is what makes this hotel concept special and we hope that more and more people will be able to participate in the coming years, for example also through additional hotels," says Jan Ryde, executive chairman and owner of Hästens Group Bed Company. 

The Hästens Sleep Spa lets guests experience a whole new world.

Classic meets modern

The Hästens Sleep Spa is located right next to the Joanina Library, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With its thousands of books and gold-ornamented Baroque furniture, it is the main source of inspiration for the hotel. Every single room, for example, is decorated with 1,200 hand-carved and gilded marble books. These books - which took 18 people four months to make - were engraved with titles by both Portuguese and international authors. The rooms of the Hästens Sleep Spa combine the classic charm of the World Heritage Site with modern style and elegance. The emphasis is on the importance of sleep. The bathroom is inspired by the literary richness of the Joanina Library. In playful contrast, the sleeping area exudes the peace and serenity of an intimate retreat. The lobby features a finely crafted gallery area. 419,992 tiny mosaic tiles depict the ornaments and bookshelves of the Joanina Library. "We have created an entirely new experience here at Hästens Sleep Spa. During their stay, our guests will have the opportunity to experience perfect sleep through Hästens' exclusive beds and the unique environment in which they are presented. They will learn and understand how sleep contributes to their well-being and our goal is to offer guests the best sleep experience," says Tiago Quaresma, board member of the founding group Grupo O Valor do Tempo.

Many details are reminiscent of the Joanina Library.

Picture credits: Hästens 

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