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Hotel Klosterbräu & Spa: Vegetarian organic farm opens in 5-star hotel

Is there anything better than products from your own farm? Guests of the luxury hotel can look forward to just this!

6 September 2021

Alois Seyrling, host of the Hotel Klosterbräu, has been working on this project for a whole seven years, and now his big dream has finally come true. The 5-star hotel now has a new vegetarian organic farm.


Too good to be true

The reconstruction of the own, vegetarian organic farm, including private petting zoo "Sigis Sauhaufen", is accomplished! Guests can look forward to regional and seasonal products. But the highlight is definitely the animals. And they are exclusively available in miniature. Dwarf cattle, mini goats, mini pigs, cameroon sheep, dwarf and baby donkeys, pot-bellied pigs, lop-eared rabbits and running ducks now live on the hotel grounds.

Guests can look forward to a petting zoo at the farm. Credit: David Johansson

Hereby, the host is continuing an old family tradition - because when the Klosterbräu still housed the Augustinian monks (1516 to 1809), a farm was simply part of the livelihood. At this time it was located in today's hotel garden and was also continued by the Seyrling family up to Sigmund Seyrling II. In memory of the last active Seyrling farmer, the name was taken up again in a humorous way and so "Sigis Sauhaufen" was created.

Genuinely sustainable

The main part of the building was constructed from moonsawn timber from our own forest. The necessary thermal energy comes from solar systems and from the Seefeld bio-local heating system. The electricity demand is covered by modern photovoltaics. This is also part of the THINK.YOUNIQUE® philosophy, which the Klosterbräu is continuously expanding.

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And the culinary focus is also on sustainability. From now on, guests will also receive their "happy egg" from the more than 120 free range chickens from Sigi's pigsty. In the form of a travelling stable (a converted ski bus), the chickens have been given a mobile home on the hotel's own parish hill. There is plenty of run and space for pecking and clucking all around. As soon as the ground has been sufficiently worked by the chickens, the mobile coop is moved to the next piece of meadow.

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The hens come exclusively from old breeds, which are not aimed at mass production, but at a long animal life. Thus, the hen ladies lay an egg only every other day, but live up to 4 times longer than conventional turbo hens. In addition, the eggs are extremely tasty, low in cholesterol and colourful for a completely natural reason.

"Sigis Sauhaufen" is located just a two-minute walk from the Hotel Klosterbräu & Spa and can be reached directly via the hotel's own garden "Eden". Special guided tours with host Alois Seyrling can also be booked on site.

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