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Bella Italia starts the summer season

From 16 May, Italy opens its borders to tourists again and starts the new holiday season. The quarantine obligation is dropped, but strict distance and mask rules still apply.

10 May 2021

After a long time of worrying, it's finally fixed: Italy will be welcoming tourists again in May. Specifically, the popular Holiday destination its borders on 16 May. This means that the previous quarantine obligation for travellers from abroad no longer applies. But you can find out here which measures still apply.

Italy welcomes holidaymakers

Anyone planning a trip to Italy this summer should be pleased to hear the news that the country will allow tourists to enter without quarantine from May 16. Prime Minister Mario Draghi made the announcement at a G20 tourism summit: "It's time again to book your holiday in Italy. We look forward to welcoming you back to our country."

Starting May 16, tourists will be allowed to travel to Italy again - without quarantine at all. Credit: Anders Jilden / Unsplash

The Prime Minister is confident that tourism in Italy will make a big comeback: "The world wants to come to Italy, the pandemic has forced us to close our doors, but Italy is ready to welcome the world back". A European green passport is also planned for mid-June, which will allow vaccinated, tested and recovered people to travel unrestricted throughout the EU without quarantine.

These measures apply precisely

"We need to offer clear, simple rules so that tourists can come to us safely," Draghi added. The Corona measures currently in place in Italy are designed to ensure that. A mandatory outdoor mask, a curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. and the minimum distance of two meters, are designed to ensure that the virus does not spread further. However, if the number of new infections drops even further, then it could well be that the curfew will be moved to 11pm.

Friends of indulgence rejoice as cafes reopen. Credit: Fallon Travels / Unsplash

Since 26 April, outdoor gastronomy in the "yellow areas" has also reopened and theatres, cinemas and museums are welcoming visitors again. As of 1 June, the indoor restaurants and bars are also scheduled to open.

Currently, 15 regions are in the "yellow zone". These include Lombardy, Tuscany, Lazio and the autonomous province of South Tyrol.

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