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Little Island: New York City has a new island in the Hudson River

A paradise for those seeking peace and quiet.

1 June 2021

There's a new oasis in New York City. "Little Island" is a small island in the Hudson River that is supposed to stand for a new beginning after the pandemic. Visitors can enjoy a wonderful view of the Manhattan skyline from there. The new island hat a lot in store for gourmets and Culture Enthusiasts .

An island on stilts

"Little Island" is supported by a total of 280 concrete piles that are firmly anchored in the Hudson River. Two pedestrian bridges connect the small island with the mainland of the metropolis. On top of it, there is a park with numerous green spaces, trees and lookout points.

The new island in New York City is meant to be an oasis of peace and calm. Credit: Michael Grimm Photography

Culinary highlights also await on the island: well-known food trucks provide visitors with numerous delicacies. The regained joie de vivre is to be duly celebrated on the small island. Therefore, for many New Yorkers, the place is also a symbol of a new beginning after the crisis.

A place that makes people happy

In the future, "Little Island" will also serve for live events, concerts and sports units. The genius behind the project is media mogul Barry Diller, the husband of fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg. "I was all about building something for the people of New York and for everyone who visits - a place that is stunning at first glance and whose visit makes people happy," Diller said in an official statement.

From "Little Island" you have a dreamlike view of the Manhattan skyline. Credit: Michael Grimm Photography

The park on the small island is open from 6 o'clock in the morning until 1 o'clock at night - the entrance is free.

The story behind it

Originally, the island park was supposed to open several years ago. However, environmental activists, through persistent protests, achieved that the project was postponed several times. New York's governor Andrew Cuomo was finally able to push through "Little Island" and thus also create a new attraction.

The Hudson River site has a long history. Credit: Michael Grimm Photography

The park is now located on the exact spot where Pier 54 used to be; a former cruise ship pier that gained notoriety in 1912 after the "Carpathia" docked there with more than 700 passengers who were previously rescued from the sunken "Titanic".

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