Microadventure in Vienna: the D-Bar at the Ritz-Carlton and the Weltmuseum join forces

A journey through time to the Aztecs.

19 April 2021

In close cooperation with the Weltmuseum Wien, the multiple award-winning bar manager Katharina Schwaller transforms from the The Ritz-CarltonVienna transforms the dialogue about cultural diversity into a bar concept that can be experienced. The motto is: Microadventure. In other words, the longing for an escape from the dullness of everyday life.


Cultural cocktail enjoyment

The Weltmuseum Wien is a place dedicated to discussing the world's most diverse cultures. The wide variety of valuable documents and ethnological testimonies make the museum an ideal travel companion for future D-bar cocktail expeditions. Renowned bar manager Katharina Schwaller and her team have made it their mission to embed encounters with foreign cultures as well as their past into a sophisticated bar experience. The extensive repertoire of the World Museum Vienna serves the mixologists of D-bar as a metaphorical archive for an inspiring journey into world history.

The exclusive D-Bar at the Ritz-Carlton, Vienna was inspired by the impressive history of the Aztecs.

"A visit to a bar often has more in common with a trip than you might think," says Katharina Schwaller. "As soon as you step over the threshold of a good bar, you find yourself in a cosmopolitan environment. It's not without reason that bars have always been known as cosmopolitan meeting places. Those who give themselves over completely to the experience await a key to a special microadventure."

Bar manager Katharina Schwaller appreciates the cosmopolitan meeting place of the D-Bar.

The English term "microadventure" has entered the German language in recent years and stands for the longing for small escapes from everyday life. Following this trend, the D-bar and the Weltmuseum Wien have dedicated themselves to the creation of microadventures and invite you to a joint voyage of discovery to the land of the Aztecs at the start of the cooperation.

A journey around the globe

The special exhibition on the art and culture of the Aztecs in the World Museum Vienna marks the start of the joint journey around the globe and across time. An extension of the special exhibition at the Weltmuseum Wien is planned until June 2021. In keeping with this, there are twelve sophisticated new cocktail creations in the exclusive D-Bar of the Ritz Carlton, Vienna, which take you on an exciting expedition into the world of the Aztecs.

Attention to detail: the D-Bar menu features twelve new creations with a reference to the World Museum.

The Aztecs in the D Bar

The special exhibition "Aztecs" was conceived by the Linden-Museum Stuttgart in cooperation with the Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen in the Netherlands and the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH) in Mexico. It currently offers the first opportunity to get to know the art and culture of the Aztecs in their overall cultural context. Building on the museum experience, visitors will experience a culinary perspective of high culture in the D-bar in spring 2021. The focus is on the search for traces of ancient procedures and rituals that have found their way into the present over time. As a result, the rich heritage of the Aztec era was brought to life in the D-bar by means of cocktails. A travel diary as a cocktail card leads the guests of the bar through an Aztec expedition, which offers comprehensive information and experiences around the empire of the Aztecs.

The special map in the form of a travel diary provides guests with even more background on Aztec life.

This is the D-Bar

The city's most exciting cocktails deserve a special stage at the D-bar. Refined mixes with history, inspiring ceremonies and fine spirits have made the classic cocktail bar overlooking Vienna's Ringstrasse the best hotel bar in the country several times over. Decorated in the colours red and black, the bar is a cosmopolitan meeting place in the heart of the city. The D-bar's programme is regularly expanded to include themed discovery tours, which hark back to its namesake motto "Discovery". Since September 2019, the D-bar has been run by the innovative bar manager Katharina Schwalle. With a special focus on molecular trends, the passionate mixologist has developed an unmistakable signature, which was awarded the title of "Falstaff Barmaid of the Year" in 2019 and led to victory in "Mix it like a woman".

Chic and cosy: this is how the renowned bar at the Ritz-Carlton, Vienna presents itself.

Picture Credits: D-Bar / The Ritz Carlton, Vienna

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