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More Sustainability: Mallorca Introduces New Law to Aid the Environment

A new law in Mallorca aims to promote a circular economy and renewable energies. The tourism industry is also being called to account.

July 23, 2022

Prosperous times for the largest Balearic island: visitor numbers have almost returned to pre-pandemic levels. More than 3.7 million passengers landed at Palma de Mallorca Airport in June 2022. The return to normality, however, has reignited the debate about more sustainable travel. Now, a new law in Mallorca aims to ensure that the island's beauty is preserved.

Environmental protection enshrined in law

For example, it requires all hotels to replace heating systems that run on fuel oil or diesel with environmentally friendly alternatives. Indoor temperatures must be controlled in the future. In bathrooms, the law now prescribes water-saving sanitary facilities. Single-use plastic will be banned in Mallorca as well.


Tanja CotoagaOn water as on land, one of the goals is to promote zero-emission mobility. © Annie Cotoaga

The law also requires that hotels and tourist accommodations pursue a circular strategy. Not only in terms of energy, waste and water, but also food and mobility. The authorities will lend support – but also monitor the implementation. In the future, accommodation providers will have to source three percent of their agricultural products locally. For hotels in the four- and five-star category, it's four percent; for agritourism properties, it's five.

Sustainable development

There's already a large number of companies and initiatives that are consciously taking the sustainable route. These include, among others, the Majorcan hotel chain Garden Hotels, which operates eight hotels in Mallorca and three more on neighboring islands. They've already set an example in terms of circular economy. Kitchen waste, for example, is taken to the composting plant, where it's composted and then given to farmers who in turn supply the hotels with their agricultural products.


Depending on the type of hotel or lodging provider, at least three percent of the ingredients used in the kitchen must be locally sourced. © Annie Spratt

The company Terragust organizes various activities to bring travelers closer to life in the countryside and agricultural production. Guided tours allow guests to enjoy culinary experiences based on regional products. The Majorcan company Nauta Morgau, which manufactures electric boats made entirely from natural materials, is dedicated to zero-emission mobility. 

Seventeen goals

In addition to these initiatives, there are many others that support the new law in Mallorca with their offers. The Balearic Islands have joined the Agenda 2030 of the United Nations – and with it the 17 goals for sustainable development. Among them are the end of poverty, and health and prosperity for the people. Clean water, affordable and non-contaminating energy, responsible production and clean oceans are some of the others.


cala gat beachFuture generations should still be able to admire the beauty of the island – the new law in Mallorca aims to ensure just that. © Shutterstock

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