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New gourmet restaurant in Courchevel: Sylvestre Wahid goes Hôtel Les Grand Alpes 1850

On 10 December 2021, after nine years, the chef will return to the place where he first earned his two Michelin stars: Courchevel.

10 November 2021

He learned his trade from none other than Alain Ducasse, traveled the world, and nine years ago took over the management of the Strato restaurant in Courchevel. The Michelin Guide promptly awarded him two stars for his exciting culinary compositions. After Wahid took over from Jean-François Pìege in Thoumieux and was again awarded two stars, he is now returning to Courchevel. Here he is opening his first restaurant in a ceremony on 10 December 2021. It is part of the legendary boutique hotel Les Grandes Alpes 1850, and it already promises to be at the forefront as the new gourmet restaurant in Courchvel.

Culinary journey

Wahid will delight three outlets with his creations. On the one hand, there is the private table restaurant Sylvestre Wahid. And then there is Alyas, where luxurious sushi compositions are on the menu. And even in terms of room service, the guests of the apartments and suites of the hotel will be delighted with dishes from the master chef in the future.

The likeable chef wants to evoke emotions in his guests. © Stéphane De Bourgies

On a journey of taste

The Pakistani-born chef's tasting menu revolves around fifteen dishes. Wahid reinterprets signature dishes such as Roscoff's Port Edible Crab and the Lemon Seaweed Dessert for the guests in Courchevel. He aims to perfectly combine luxury, purity and indulgence to create powerful emotions. "Cooking is a way of life, a way of feeling good, calm and peaceful. I can't wait to enhance the beauty and power of raw ingredients prepared without the addition of fat, salt or sugar. My menu will be a journey between land and ocean, mountains and valleys, with some reverences to the European Alps between France, Switzerland and Italy," the chef looks forward to his new role. 

The new gourmet restaurant in Courchevel promises a feast for the eyes and the palate. © Alban Couturier

For the special dining moment, Wahid leaves nothing to chance. Designer and interior decorater Tristan Auer is responsible for the restaurant's décor. He transformed the space into an elegant setting around an open kitchen. Here, guests eat at just four tables. They all drape themselves in front of the backdrop of wonderful materials.

Auer gives the room a special aura with strong contrasts, dark wood, marble, leather and metal. This is reinforced by tableware from first-class French designers. The plates, for example, are by Isabelle Poupinel, while Christofle and Bernardeau provide the rest of the tableware. In the new gourmet restaurant in Courchevel, this creates an atmosphere characterised by elegant, unobtrusive, almost futuristic style.

Sylvestre Wahid at Les Grandes Alpes Courchevel 1850
1 Rue de l'Église, 73120 Courchevel, France
Tel: +33 479 00 00

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