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Qatar Airways joins ICAO Global Coalition for Sustainable Aviation
© Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways joins coalition for sustainable air travel

Qatar Airways is the first Middle Eastern airline to join the International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) Global Coalition for Sustainable Aviation, setting an example for climate-conscious air travel.

23 September 2021

The new ICAO Global Coalition for Sustainable Aviation aims to provide further opportunities in the search for innovations in the aviation industry . The focus will therefore also be on reducing CO2 emissions.

Focus on Co2 reduction

Qatar Airways' new coalition thus promotes sustainable international air transport. The accession should also enable a forum in which stakeholders can develop new ideas. There is also a strong focus on innovative solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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The coalition also aims to contribute to the development and implementation of a catalogue of measures. The collaboration will also help in researching a long-term environmental goal for international aviation. Another focus will be to continuously bring the issue of reducing CO2 emissions to the forefront and to raise awareness of the issue for international air transport. 

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By joining, the airline is thus reinforcing its commitment to working with the relevant players in the aviation industry. These include aircraft manufacturers, scientists, governments and NGOs. The aim is to drive forward the decarbonization of aviation and the promotion of sustainable air transport.

"Enabling Innovative Green Technologies"

This should also allow coalition partners to gain insight to contribute to the work of the ICAO . Commenting on joining, Akbar al Baker, Chief Executive of Qatar Airways Group says: "It is innovation that will drive the industry towards a sustainable future. I strongly believe that the ICAO Global Coalition for Sustainable Aviation will enable the industry's leading partners to work together and drive innovation. Qatar Airways looks forward to being a strategic partner in the coalition. We expect to work with other members to develop ideas and strategies that will enable further acceleration of innovative green technologies and bring us one step closer to net zero emissions."

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