The opening is planned for 2027.

5 March 2021

What initially sounded like a scene from a futuristic science fiction film is now taking more and more shape. In just a few years, the first hotel in space could be floating above us. Construction is to begin as early as four years from now, in 2025. It is planned that the space hotel should be ready already two years later. The building should have the shape of a wheel and be located in the near earth. Orbit "stationed".

You still can't imagine anything about it? Then maybe these pictures of the exclusive premises of the future hotel will help you.


A hotel lobby of a different kind.

Welcome to the future

The planned space hotel is taking more and more shape. Reason enough to present you the full splendor of the exclusive premises. Because the normality of taking a trip into space is getting closer and closer. The futuristic structure in orbit will offer space for about 400 people, reports the Orbital Assembly Corporation. If everything goes according to plan, people will have the opportunity to view the Earth from very far above from 2027.

The luxury suites offer fabulous views of the earth.

Around the world in 90 minutes

There are numerous special features about the planned hotel. The very fact that it is located in space is a great sensation. But it is also fascinating that the project is planned as a rotating space station and will be placed in the orbit of the earth - with a diameter of 200 meters. This means that the hotel will completely orbit the earth every 90 minutes. Sounds incredible - but will soon become a reality.

In addition to the so-called space tourists, researchers and space agencies will also be accommodated in the hotel.

Those who enjoy a stay in a space hotel will circle the earth several times a day.

The construction resembles an oversized wheel - whose inner ring is to serve for docking spaceships. This is followed by the outer ring girder, to which brackets for the hotel rooms as well as solar collectors, radiators and a rail transport system are to be attached.

A feeling like on earth

So that the guests of the space hotel do not feel quite so alien, one wants to try to create a feeling like on the planet Earth. Cinemas, restaurants and even an own space gym serve this purpose. As OAC writes, the use of toilets, showers and beds should work similarly to how they do on Earth. This is ensured by a simulated gravity.

Restaurants, movie theaters, and gyms are designed to make you feel like you're on Earth.

The hotel suites are said to be about 30 square meters in size and offer a brilliant view of the earth. Those who plan to stay a little longer can also rent a luxury villa, which offers space for 16 people. These are available for weeks or months, but can also be bought as a kind of holiday home.

Price on request

OAC has not yet revealed the costs for the journey into space and there is also no financial classification about the construction of the hotel. However, it is certain that the construction costs could be somewhat lower than for previous space stations. This is ensured by reusable launch vehicles, such as the Falcon 9 from SpaceX.

Picture Credits: Voyager Station

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