The pandemic has reshuffled the cards.

24 February 2021

The pandemic has changed a lot - our travel behaviour, for example. Because that has been virtually shut down. A few exceptions are currently possible - for example for those who have already been vaccinated, for professional travellers or for all those who are going into quarantine afterwards. The travel standstill has also led to a reduction in the number of Flightsas well as passengers drastically reduced. And yet there are a few routes that are flown very frequently despite travel restrictions.

The Travel Analysis Portal OAG has compiled a ranking for this purpose.

There is a new front runner

Recently, the Dubai - London Heathrow route was still at the top of the most flown air routes in the world. This was revealed by an analysis of the travel portal OAG. Apparently, there were numerous holiday-hungry people who were looking for a break in the sun. Whether that was really wise or not remains to be seen. In any case, the replacement of number one is not without reason. Because the United Kingdom has put the United Arab Emirates on its "Red List", for which particularly strict travel bans apply. This also put an abrupt end to the countless trips to the quarantine-free holiday destination.

The Dubai - London Heathrow route was the busiest air route in the world for a long time during the pandemic.

Now a new route is in first place: the Orlando - San Juan route is currently being booked particularly often. Dubai has not completely disappeared from the ranking, however. The Delhi - Dubai route is in second place. Followed by Cairo - Jeddah.

The Orlando - San Juan route is currently in first place in the ranking.

The complete list of OAG

  1. Orlando - San Juan (135,244 seats)
  2. Delhi - Dubai (129,683 seats)
  3. Cairo - Jeddah (128,665 seats)
  4. Paris Orly - Pointe-a-Pitre (118,594 seats)
  5. Tehran Imran Khomeini - Istanbul Ataturk (110,936 seats)
  6. New York JFK - Santiago (DO) (108,876 seats)
  7. Fort de France - Paris Orly (104,923 seats)
  8. Cairo - Riyadh (103,922 seats)
  9. Seoul Incheon - Tokyo Narita (100,676 seats)
  10. Cancun - Dallas/Fort Worth (98,045 seats)

These are the most flown domestic routes

OAG has also published a ranking for domestic flight routes. Here, Asia is clearly the frontrunner, claiming a full eight out of ten places. In first place is the Jeju International - Seoul Gimpo route.

Asia is represented in the domestic ranking of the most frequent flight routes with a full eight places.

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