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What is now allowed again in the UK

Plus: Many more countries relax their measures for vaccinated people

7 May 2021

The British are rejoicing! Finally they can spend the spring in one of the most popular places in the country: Pubs. That's because the recently relaxed Corona measures mean residents are once again allowed to visit the outdoor areas of pubs, beer gardens and other venues. And shops have also reopened. But Britain is not the only country to have introduced relaxations. What's now in place in other countries and how the vaccinations will affect the Travel restrictions have an impact.

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Come in, we're open!

For over a hundred days, all restaurants, bars, pubs and non-essential shops in the UK had been closed. Now there were finally relaxations around the Corona measures, which were already longed for by the British. Initially, all pubs will only be allowed to serve their patrons outside in order to continue to provide security. Then, on May 17, the indoor areas are scheduled to reopen. Hairdressers and gyms will also be open again, but museums will also remain closed until mid-May.

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Most recently, with a lengthy lockdown (in place since 4 January) and a successful vaccination campaign, the UK has managed to reduce infection numbers around the corona virus to the point where the seven-day incidence has fallen to 30. Meanwhile, more than 32 million Britons have also received their first Corona vaccine dose.

Other countries also introduce relaxations for vaccinated people

There have already been some negotiations and summits on whether there are benefits for people who have already been vaccinated against the coronavirus. There are also plans for some kind of Corona Vaccination Passportwhich is to be checked, for example, at the time of entry. The Seychelles have already introduced relaxations for those who have been vaccinated. For example, the quarantine obligation is waived for all those who have already received the full vaccination. Since the end of March, however, it has also been possible for everyone else to travel to the country without quarantine if they can show a negative PCR test.

Those who have been vaccinated against Corona and wish to travel to Croatia do not need a negative test certificate.

Iceland has also relaxed its measures and does not require a PCR test or quarantine for holidaymakers who have already been vaccinated.

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There are already benefits for vaccinated people in these countries as well:

  • Estonia
  • Georgia
  • Madeira
  • Moldova
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Slovenia
  • Lithuania
  • Israel
  • San Marino
  • Denmark
  • Montenegro

Popular holiday destinations such as Spain, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Sweden, Thailand and Mauritius are planning to follow suit soon and offer advantages for vaccinated persons.

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