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Marriott International presents alternatives to the home office

27 October 2020

Workplace flexibility: Marriott International announces new hotel alternatives for those juggling work and home schooling or looking for a source of inspiration to escape the monotony of working from home: Marriott Bonvoy Flexible Options Day PassStay Pass and Play Pass have been designed for guests looking for a one-day hotel stay from early morning to evening, as well as an extended overnight stay with early check-in and late check-out, or alternatively a multi-day work and holiday stay.

Today, mobile working is possible from anywhere.

Alternative to the home office

"Mobile working doesn't have to mean working from home, where boundaries between personal and professional life can blur, causing distraction and stress," said Neal Jones, chief sales & marketing officer, Marriott International, EMEA. "We enable guests to work from anywhere with Marriott Bonvoy and help them be more productive and achieve a better work-life balance by offering our hotel rooms as local remote workspaces. With flexible booking options, our loyal members and guests have a trusted alternative when choosing their workspace." The new initiative aims to help with the day-to-day challenges of working from a home office, such as the lack of a separate workspace or the inability to separate work and personal life. Marriott Bonvoy's Day PassStay Pass and Play Pass were developed with the help of guests, hotel operators and partners.


Day Pass

Take a walk at Day Pass turns the hotel room into an office for a day from 6am to 6pm. Guests are offered access to expanded Wi-Fi, food and beverage and additional rooms in the hotel. Where available and depending on the brand, guests also have free use of printers, scanners and fax machines. Marriott Bonvoy members receive a complimentary welcome pack of healthy snacks and discounts at hotel shops. In addition, members with Platinum, Titanium or Ambassador Elite status get access to lounges when available and earn points that can be applied to hotel stays.


Stay Pass

Take a walk at Stay Pass combines a Day Pass with an overnight stay and combines all the benefits of a hotel stay with the advantage of being able to be productive and make the most of the working day with early check-in at 6am and late check-out at 6pm on the following day of departure. In addition to all the amenities available at the Day Pass included, guests can use hotel facilities such as the swimming pool and fitness area - where local regulations allow - and enjoy complimentary breakfast and complimentary evening cocktails where available. Marriott Bonvoy members receive elite night credits, points toward eligible hotel expenses, discounts at hotel shops and, where available, lounge access for members with Platinum, Titanium or Ambassador Elite status. TheStay Pass is currently available in more than 2,000 hotels worldwide.


Play Pass

Take a walk at Play Pass is suitable for anyone who wants to combine mobile working with travel - even with family. Available at participating luxury hotels and resorts worldwide, the offer taps into the reality that many are currently able to travel more flexibly, as they can work and study for school regardless of location. Increasingly, therefore, consumers are choosing to escape the confines of their impromptu home office and travel, combining the best of work and leisure. With the Play Pass guests enjoy a business concierge, supervised children's activities, work/study areas and curated experiences for the whole family. Marriott Bonvoy members can earn elite night credits and points toward eligible charges and enjoy access to on-site member benefits.

Especially in times of increased home office, the desire to escape the daily monotony arises.

Further information about the offers of the Day PassStay Pass and Play Pass at workanywhere.marriott.com.

Picture credits: Marriott International 

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