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5 reasons why Croatia is perfect for a family holiday

One of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe promises relaxation for adults and great fun for children! That's why you should not miss this travel destination...

13 August 2021

From beach vacations to adventure travel , Croatia's thousands of miles of coastline, turquoise waters, national parks, and warm hosts offer countless opportunities to make the most of your holiday. The journey by car is also very convenient due to the well-developed transport network. Therefore, the country is especially suitable for a family holiday.

Here are five reasons why Croatia is just perfect for a family getaway. 

1. relaxation and fun on countless pebble and sandy beaches

Whole generations associate their fondest childhood memories with holidays on Croatia's coasts. If you want to relive this wonderful holiday feeling together with your children, Croatia is just the right place. The more than one thousand beaches on the Adriatic invite you to build sandcastles and have your first experiences in the shallow water. And adults will also find time to really relax. Whether Paradise Beach, Happy Beach, Queen's Beach or the Hawaii of Croatia: all these beautiful places and many more can be discovered by holidaymakers in the Adriatic country.

Here you'll find the most family-friendly beaches in Croatia.

Beaches in Croatia for the family. Credit: Oliver Sjostrom/unsplash.com

2. fun in water parks

Water parks promise lots of fun and cooling off for the whole family. Endless water slides, wave pools and exciting diving boards welcome activity-hungry water rats across the country. Various aqua parks in Istria, in Losinj or near Šibenik offer pirate ships and water castles. Others promise more peace and relaxation due to their location in a green pine forest or an attached thermal spa, so that parents can also have a chance to relax. 

Here is a selection of some of the best water parks in the country.

Water parks for fun and games. Credit: Hrvoje Serdar

3. set sail as a family

Be a captain for once? During a sailing trip with the family, numerous legends of the Croatian islands can be explored. A visit to the island of Lokrum opposite Dubrovnik, for example, will tell tales of fairies and pirates. A trip to the dolphins, off Čikat Bay on the island of Lošinj, will make children's hearts beat faster. Many of Croatia's bays are also wonderful for undisturbed snorkelling trips.

Here you will find everything you need to know about sailing with children on board.

Sightseeing tour, setting sail by boat. Credit: Igor Zirojevic

4. discoveries in all parts of the country

Excursions with the whole family can often be expensive, but the family-friendly holiday destination Croatia attracts with offers for every wallet. Varied experiences and family adventures across the country are guaranteed. Be it adventures in Istria, in the Aqua or Dinopark, a visit to a museum in the capital Zagreb or listening to the sea organ. Parents can relax in Kvarner, in the nearby region of Primorje-Gorski kotar, while the little ones explore the so-called children's town. Every now and then, you'll even feel a bit like a local when you spend time with other families and maybe even have a barbecue together.

Here you can discover the five regions. 

Whether it's the capital Zagreb or a visit to the coast, there's plenty to discover in Croatia. Credit: Kristijan Aarsov / Unsplash

5. security for the family

In order to continue to ensure a safe stay for families, the national safety label "Safe stay in Croatia" will be continued in the tourism and hospitality industry. The label enables visitors to easily identify destinations and resorts, accommodation, transport, tourist attractions and other facilities in Croatia that have adopted global standards for health and hygiene.

Here are the current entry requirements of the country.

Special attention is paid to the safety of visitors in Croatia. Credit: Sergii Gulenok / Unsplash, Spencer Davis / Unsplash

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