7 dreamlike islands in the Atlantic that hardly anyone knows about

The holiday calls!

21 May 2021

The Atlantic Ocean inspires not only with its deep blue water, but also the numerous islands fascinate with magnificent plants and a unique animal world. In addition, there are striking volcanic landscapes, imposing cliffs and beautiful beaches. Those who would like to discover the second largest ocean on earth in peace and quiet should take a look at the following seven Islands ...take a closer look.

1. porto santo

While most spend their holidays on the popular Portuguese island of Madeira, few have the small, neighbouring gem of Porto Santo on their radar. The warm sea water, the miles of sandy beaches and the summit of the Pico de Ana Ferreira, which is also a great viewpoint, are particularly great. Christopher Columbus already lived on the island for a few years. The former house of the seafarer, is today a Museum.

A dream in the Atlantic: the island of Porto Santo. Credit: Marco Pires / Unsplash

2. santa maria

The Azores are known for their volcanic landscape, spread over 600 kilometres on nine islands. Most people are drawn to the multifaceted main island of São Miguel. But in the southeast, another largely unknown island is waiting to be discovered: Santa Maria. Characteristic is the dry climate, golden shimmering sandy beaches and a unique underwater world.

Santa Maria delights with shimmering golden sandy beaches. Credit: Turismo dos Acores

3. corvo

Corvo also belongs to the Azores and is the smallest of the islands. With about 400 inhabitants, the place belongs rather to the lesser known holiday destinations. In addition, the island is located almost at the westernmost end of Europe - America is no longer far away. The heart of the island is Vila do Corvo, a city where everybody knows each other. The landscape is characterized by lava rocks, volcanic ash and green covered hills.

On the small Azores island of Corvo, everyone knows everyone. Credit: Kattcvu / Turismo dos Acores

4. vestmannaeyjar

Not a typo, but a group of islands in the Atlantic that hardly anyone knows. Vestmannaeyjar belongs to Iceland and comprises 14 islands with a gorgeous coastline. About 1000 inhabitants share the area with countless sheep and puffins. The volcano Eldfell also stretches across the island. While you can hike along the imposing crater today, it caused moments of terror in 1973. After an eruption, it spewed so much lava for half a year that it buried several hundred houses under itself and enlarged the island by a whole two square kilometres. Those who climb the volcano are rewarded with a fantastic view of the legendary Eyjafjallajökull.

Mystical atmosphere awaits visitors to the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago. Credit: Ursula Drake

5. unst

If you've ever been to the Shetland Islands, you'll know how remote this region of the world is. At the northernmost point of the archipelago is Unst - a paradise for all cliff walkers and adventurers. The harsh climate ensures that not too many holidaymakers congregate there and yet you are closer to nature than ever before on Unst. The island is lined with pubs and cliffs and also offers a view of another small island called Muckle Flugga, which is home to a white lighthouse that is also the most northerly spot in the whole of the UK.

Unst: The most northerly point in the UK. Credit: Lia Tzanidaki / Unsplash

6. Île de Bréhat

The French region of Brittany delights with a variety of different landscapes. From beautiful coasts, to pink granite cliffs, a lush grassland and idyllic harbours, everything is there. The small Atlantic island Île de Bréhat is also located there and convinces above all with a year-round mild climate, due to the Gulf Stream. A sea of blossoms made of hydrangeas, mimosas and lilies provides an extraordinary blaze of colour - that's why Île de Bréhat is often called the "flower island".

Flower Island is worth a visit. Credit: Kurt Liebhaeuser / Unsplash

7. el Hierro

The Canary Islands are known as a very popular tourist destination. Besides Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, La Palma and La Gomera, the lesser known island of El Hierro is also worth a visit. Especially nature lovers and those seeking peace and quiet will find their happiness there, as the island, which is also called "The Forgotten", has so far been spared from mass tourism. In addition to the fantastically long sandy beaches, El Hierro is also considered a diver's highlight. Because the underwater world holds hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, dolphins and trumpet fish ready.

The small island of El Hierro is often referred to as "The Forgotten." Credit: Stefan Stefancik / Unsplash

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