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Antarctica adventure

Rugged landscapes, imposing icebergs and wildlife: Antarctica is the epitome of adventure. Silversea Cruises breathes luxury into this special place.

5 January 2022

Around 98 percent of Antarctica is covered with a thick layer of ice. Nevertheless, the southernmost continent is not a barren ice desert, as some might imagine: over 235 animal species populate the region and - almost more astonishing - 950 plant species. Well adapted to the harsh climate and far away from human influence, Antarctica is a true paradise for flora and fauna. A special fascination emanates from this terra incognita. Quite a few people dream of standing on almost uninhabited land and navigating through the cold water in a Zodiac between imposing icebergs - a true adventure in the "eternal ice". Together with the Royal Geographical Society, Silversea Cruises fulfills the desire to discover the wild continent.

Unlimited luxury at sea

The expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula takes place on ships equipped with great comfort and designed for a maximum of 254 guests. From the excellent cuisine to the wellness offers: Guests do not have to do without any luxury in the ice. Completely in the style of the Silversea Experience travelers enjoy around the clock singular all inclusive service on the up to 18-tägigen journey. However, the crossing from Chile via the Drake Passage often proves to be stormy, which is why Silversea has recently started offering an additional "Antarctica Bridge" package, which allows travelers to cross the passage comfortably by air and enjoy the subsequent tour from King George Island all the more. The included excursions take place in a Zodiac in small groups under the supervision of renowned experts - for unforgettable experiences in the ice.

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Good to Know

  • Life at the South Pole
    Only just under 1000 people live in Antarctica, distributed among the numerous research stations.
  • Daylight night
    In the Antarctic summer from September to March, the sun shines for almost 24 hours. This winter, however, travelers can look forward to a unique natural spectacle: on December 4, Antarctica will be shrouded in deepest black by the absolute solar eclipse!
  • Whale sightings
    The best time to watch whales is between January and February.
  • Birdwatching
    17 different bird species live and breed in Antarctica - a highlight are the penguins, whose mating season begins at the end of November.
  • Animal welfare
    Since the animals are not used to humans, they show no shyness and often come very close to travelers. Nevertheless, it is part of etiquette not to touch or feed them.

Best of Silversea Cruises

  • Top service even before the trip
    If you book a cruise with Silversea, the service starts with the transfer to the airport, which is taken care of by Silversea partners.
  • Living with a view
    Each of the elegant suites scores with views and spacious balconies.
  • All-inclusive packages
    In addition to the excursions, the price includes transfers, all drinks on the ship - including spirits and champagne - and tips.
  • Wellness oasis at sea
    Pools, whirlpools, gym and beauty salon - the facilities are excellent.
  • Professional crew
    The expeditions are led by first-class experts who also offer interesting lectures on Antarctica while at sea.
  • Highest standards
    Not only in times of Corona the highest hygiene standards are paid attention to, but these have been tightened again.

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This article appeared in the Falstaff TRAVEL issue Winter 2021/22.

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