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Cardamon House
© Secluded Africa

Barefoot Luxury in Kenya: unique safari experiences with "Secluded Africa"

"Secluded Africa" promises unforgettable vacations in Kenya under the motto "Go as you please - everything can, but nothing must".

April 16, 2022

Far away from the tourist masses, guests of "Secluded Africa" experience a journey of all senses and unique safari experiences. Exclusivity and maximum comfort await in five lodges, while the safari program is individually tailored to the guests' wishes. Whether a full-day game drive with breakfast and lunch at idyllic spots or a night drive - together with the guides, the day is put to best use. As a guest, you automatically support social projects that represent a positive added value for the region.

Game Drive

A safari in Africa is on the ultimate bucket list for many travelers. ©Secluded Africa

Secluded Africa Instinct of the Mara

In eastern Africa, the Instinct of the Mara lodge, opened in 2019, awaits. Here, guests have the opportunity to experience the Big 5 in just one day, and the Great Migration from the end of July until the end of September. In the middle of the Olderkesi Conservancy concession area, untouched nature and encounters with wild animals such as wild dogs, buffalos, lions, wildebeests and elephants as well as rhinos, leopards and cheetahs await. Walking safaris are offered as well as bird watching tours. In the evening you can end the day at the fire before you go to one of the seven luxury tents for a good night's rest.

Instinct of the Mara

At Instinct of the Mara, travelers discover the Big 5. ©Secluded Africa

Secluded Africa Kipalo Hills

Upon the initiative of the local population, the Kipalo Hills Camp was founded on the grounds of the Mbulia Group Ranch. Elephants, baboons and even leopards can be spotted at the waterhole right next to the camp. Breathtaking views arise when you let your eyes wander from the slopes of the Mbulia Hills over the wide plains of Tsavo to the mighty Kilimanjaro. Seven luxury tents and an exclusive Luxury Suite await you in the midst of this unique landscape. The pool, which has been built into a natural rock, provides cooling on hot days.

Kipalo Hills

Kipalo Hills

With Kilimanjaro in view, Kipalo Hills Lodge provides comfort amidst a unique location. ©Secluded Africa

Secluded Africa Sunbird Lodge

One of the most spectacular sunsets can be experienced at Sunbird Lodge. On the terraces of the 16 cottages, you can look out over Lake Elementaita and the neighboring Soysambu Nature Reserve toward the setting sun in the evening. Here you can meet the rare Rothschild giraffes and huge flocks of flamingos. Game drives in the Soysambu Conservancy - one of the few private protected areas in Kenya - are part of the program, as are horseback riding, bird watching and bush walks. In the evening, guests enjoy excellent food at the restaurant in the main house, which uses ingredients from its own vegetable and herb garden.

Sunbird Lodge

From the bed you look over the lake and enjoy the sunset in the evening. ©Secluded Africa

Secluded Africa Delta Dunes

At the mouth of the Tana River into the Indian Ocean, Delta Dunes Lodge awaits. Uniquely situated on a 60-kilometer-long sandy beach, Delta Dunes skillfully combines bush & beach and offers an unforgettable vacation experience. The seven cottages were built on dunes and are open on all sides. You can catch your own fish for dinner, watch crocodiles and hippos, or spend the day water skiing or surfing. Unparalleled views of the sea, the delta and the dunes await.

Delta Dunes

Delta Dunes

Sea, dunes and jungle behold Delta Dunes - a unique concept. ©Secluded Africa

Secluded Africa Cardamom House

Secluded Africa's newest gem is Cardamom House. An elegant, minimalist Swahili-style hideaway has been conjured from an old picturesque house nestled between the sea and the jungle. Guests can relax in nine spacious suites, or soak up the sun by the swimming pool. A highlight is the rooftop terrace in the tower, from which you can enjoy the sunset over the sea with a cool drink.

Cardamom House

No tents but suites are waiting at Cardamom House. ©Secluded Africa

All lodges of Secluded Africa are exclusively bookable through Best4Travel by GEO Reisen. You can find more information here.

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