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Best of Supplements

Everyday stress and an often unbalanced diet contribute to the body lacking important ingredients. Nutritional supplements are therefore very trendy among health-conscious travelers and provide the necessary boost and balance.

31 January 2022

Detox teas, immune booster shots and all kinds of dietary supplements are experiencing a real boom. Those who want to take care of their health are increasingly turning to healthy supplements to compensate for an unbalanced diet and deficits. However, many supplements are more appearance than reality, so: less is sometimes more! We have a selection of true health boosters for you!

Dietary supplements help meet the need for essential vitamins and minerals. ©Francesco Zerilli

Immune system


Protective shield

The human immune system consists not only of the lymphs and bone marrow; the mucous membranes as well as the spleen and liver also play an important role in warding off viruses, inflammations and foreign substances and protecting the body. Our immune system is exposed to stress factors on a daily basis, be it environmental influences or too little sleep; the transition into the cold season can also place additional demands on the body. Plenty of exercise in the fresh air, eight hours of sleep a day and a balanced diet help the body on its way - supplements with natural ingredients are the ideal companion to help boost your health and prevent a nutrient deficiency.

Sun in the bottle
When the days get shorter in autumn, the natural vitamin D level also drops - fatigue and listlessness can be the result. The vitamin D spray from The Nue provides relief and brings sufficient supply of the sun vitamin. From € 22,-.

©The Nue


Performance boost
Minerals, trace elements and natural vitamin C make "Homöo stase Exklusiv" a real performance elixir. Made from natural ingredients, it is the ideal all-round boost for the body. From € 51,-.




Immune Support
Natural elderberry extract and Epicor, a food additive made from yeast, in the form of the chewy candies "Immune Active Complex" ensure a healthy immune system. From € 26,-.





Image of the soul

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It forms the outermost protective layer of the body and is stressed daily. Impurities and sensitivity are indicators of general health and state of mind. Sufficient hydration, rich care and the right nutrients ensure a radiant and healthy complexion.

Anti-aging miracle
Biotin, zinc, copper, silicic acid and hyaluronic acid make the "Regulatpro Hyaluron" drink a concentrated beauty booster for skin, hair and nails and sustainably tighten the connective tissue. From € 70,-.

©Dr. Niedermaier


Radiant face
The "Goop Glow Morning Skin Superpowder" provides the necessary boost for the skin. Vitamin C, E, grape seed extract and antioxidants leave the face feeling refreshed and revitalized. From € 47,-.



Food for the skin
The vegan "Collagen" drink from The Beauty Chef scores with fermented papaya and grape seed extract, the trend ingredient acai and numerous other superfoods. It provides the body and skin with important nutrients that increase collagen formation and plump up the skin. From € 33,-.

©The Beauty Chef



You are what you eat

The microbiome in the digestive tract is a sensitive ecosystem that can become imbalanced through malnutrition - digestive disorders and physical complaints can be the result. With the right bacterial cultures and foods, you can bring peace and balance back to your body.

Flat belly
Turmeric, cinnamon and ginger naturally help against a painful, bloated belly. "Debloat+" is based on Ayurvedic findings and ensures a naturally flat belly. From € 39,-.

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Fit for the day
"Fit@Work Stressbiotic" prevents the negative effects of everyday stress and ensures a balanced microbiome, relaxation and mental balance with lacto- and bifidobacteria, saffron extract and vitamins. From € 60,-.



Sugar reset
Anyone who wants to reduce their sugar consumption should start a 14-day "Sugar Reset" cure - which provides zinc, vitamin B6, B12 and thiamine for a balanced belly and minimizes cravings for sweet foods. Perfect for a nutritional reboot! From € 47,-.



This article appeared in the Falstaff TRAVEL issue SPA Special 2021.

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