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Curacao: These are the most beautiful spots on the ABC Island

From the idyllic Cas Abou to the relaxed, family atmosphere of Kokomo, these playas are ideal to get away from it all.

19 November 2021

Known by the liqueur of the same name, Curacao offers so much more than just relaxing places to consume cocktails. White sandy beaches, turquoise sea, pleasantly warm temperatures and a portion of idyllic flair characterize this Caribbean island like no other. The 444km² large Caribbean island Curacao, also called Little Holland, is a true destination for all sun worshippers and has a lot to offer.

Curaçao: the Caribbean destination that will take you away from it all. (curacao.com)

Little Amsterdam

Curaçao, also known as little Amsterdam, is part of the ABC islands of the Netherlands Antilles, together with Aruba and Bonaire. Unforgettable adventures await on the island of Curaçao and one of them will take you to the impressive cave systems of the Grottos of Hato. Dissolved minerals create a natural growth of stalactites and stalagmites on both the floor and ceiling, making for impressive cave paintings. Also recommended is a hike through Christoffel National Park, which houses a small museum that tells the story of Curaçao.

Probably the most beautiful beaches in the world

Seaquarium Beach is one of the most beautiful on the island. White sandy beach, calm rushing sea and palm trees. Who wouldn't want to lie right here and dream away? Typical water sports, shops and beach bars like the Mambo Bar or Blue Oceans ensure that no boredom arises.

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Snorkeling in Willemstad

If you fancy a bit more action, Willemstadt is the place to be. For the brave, a dive to the famous wreck of a tugboat, which is now inhabited by corals and tropical fish, is worthwhile. During a walk through the capital, with its colourful colonial style houses, you can choose between local shops and more modern brand shops. Once you cross the unusual pontoon bridge from Otrobanda to Punda, real life takes place behind the waterfront promenade.

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