The best breakfast in the world!

At the Hospes Maricel Hotel & Spa, Mallorca.

July 6, 2019

Hospes Maricel Hotel & Spa

Hospes Maricel Hotel and Spa is a chic, majestic hotel in Mallorca that is best known for the most important dish of the day: the (world's best) breakfast. Twice, Hospes Maricel Hotel has won the Madrid Fusión Gastronomy Summit award for the best breakfast in the world. Best breakfast in the world awarded. The hotel itself is one of the oldest and best known on the island of Mallorca. It first opened as a hotel establishment in 1950. However, after being closed in 1986, the Maricel reopened its doors in 2002. Since then, the architecture has been reminiscent of a 16th/17th century Mediterranean palace with avant-garde Mallorcan design, where natural colours meet fine materials.

Not far from the capital Palma, the hotel is located in a quiet residential area, right by the sea. Guests will enjoy leisure activities here, ranging from water sports to sightseeing and shopping in central Palma. Golf lovers will also get their money's worth here, with the Bendinat Golf Club about a 5-minute drive from the hotel. For those who want to stay right at the hotel, the hotel's own access to the beach and a wide range of beauty treatments await. The hotel's own spa "Bodyna Maricel", located between the stone columns, is one of the most beautiful wellness oases on the island with its multifaceted offer. - Whether a full body peeling before dinner, a massage after a "night out" or an individually tailored special package - this spa leaves hardly any wish unfulfilled.

Gastronomic experience with a view of the sea

In addition to the aesthetic architecture, the wide range of offers for guests and the unique service, the Hospes Maricel Hotel & Spa is known worldwide for its culinary delights. Whether for house guests or island travelers, this hotel offers high-level cuisine. The restaurant's menu features fine, avant-garde dishes. These include creations such as grilled scallops with eggplant ravioli or Mallorcan rice dishes with rabbit meat and mushrooms. For those with a sweet tooth, there's a choice of apple dessert with Calvados ice cream or a Bailey's chocolate mousse. The wine list accompanies the culinary experience with the best and noblest drops of the Balearic Islands. The restaurant has two halls and a fantastic terrace overlooking the sea. At the pool bar, a selection of salads, sandwiches, drinks and homemade ice cream awaits hotel guests only. Right next to the pool, the breathtaking sunset can be captured as an unforgettable moment. In the Lounge & Cocktail Bar, the hotel organizes a live jazz music evening every Thursday. Homemade cocktail classics, such as the Martini or so-called Mallorcan passions (Baileys, mixture of chocolate and Mallorcan almond liqueur) perfectly round off a cosy evening. But if you want to dine unforgettably at Maricel, I recommend the so-called "Captain's table", which is aligned in the stone walls, with a view of the sea and set with love. - You decide: should it be a culinary journey in the form of a Tasting menus or a selection of Tapas become?

But what the Maricel can really be proud of is the award for the best breakfast in the world. My visit to the Hospes Maricel Hotel & Spa was and remains unforgettable, - I was clearly not promised too much when I was kindly made aware at the reservation that a 3-hour tasting of multi-faceted breakfast dishes would be in store for me. When a vegetarian person was announced on our table, this was kindly received and impeccably creatively implemented:

In the morning when we arrived at the "Maricel", we were already welcomed in the lobby, under the beautiful stone walls, between the royal columns by our charming table service named "Juan Pedro" with Mallorcan hospitality and accompanied to our table. There it was explained to us that coffee is on the "menu" only at the end and we should sit back comfortably. - The only condition: big hunger, much appetite. The multi-course Breakfast menu changes seasonally and is adapted according to the availability of ingredients. In June 2019 we were pleased with the following dishes:


Course menu

1st course - Smoothies

For the first course, slates were placed on our table, each with 3 shot glasses filled with different vegetable and fruit juices. The smoothie shots were divided into "detoxifying", "antioxidant" and "refreshing". Our charming table host explained the order and ingredients of the juices. In addition to green apple, ginger and banana, the smoothies included turmeric, dates and Greek yogurt.

2nd course - noble fruit plate with crispy tuna and strawberry foam 

The 2nd course resembled a beautifully arranged fruit plate, which was garnished with strawberry foam and provided with a crispy tuna croquette. As a vegetarian alternative, there was crispy tofu instead of the tuna croquette. The fruits, which ranged from melon, to mango, to strawberries and blueberries, were partially fermented and had a special, but very delicious, appetizing flavor. - A true new discovery of fruits!

3rd course - Foie gras cream

The duck liver cream was served in a glass bowl and decorated with edible "stones". It had a fine, fluffy texture and was creamy perfectly matched after the refreshing, light fruit plate of the 2nd course. The vegetarian alternative was something to behold and enjoy: Avocado Rolls with Vegetable Stuffing. The avocado (perfect texture) was cut into strips, then rolled and filled with fresh vegetables and yogurt.

4th course - Caramelized suckling pig with bottifaro (black pudding)

The meat melts in your mouth: fried crispy on the outside, served in a creamy sauce. A truly successful interplay of aroma and texture. Fresh, edible flowers and herbs provide color variety and holiday feeling.

5th course - Borrachito de Ensaimada from Mallorca, creamy chocolate ice cream with caramel

A sort of Mallorcan, soft and very succulent tart that nevertheless had a stinging consistency. After the foie gras cream and suckling pig, it was just the right amount of sweetness to set the palate up for the following courses. 

6th course - Cheese mahonés, marinated trout with apricot bread

Marinated, gossamer tender, fine trout fillets, bedded on so-called cheese mahonés (a kind of biscuit), served with homemade apricot bread. - Not too much, not too little.

7th course - prawn in lime-kaffir-coconut sauce, quince stock and apple

When we were served a small cast iron pot on the wooden board, our eyes widened. Inside was a deveined king prawn in lime kaffir coconut sauce with a hint of apple. The vegetarian version was also served in a cast iron dish, and instead of the shrimp, it was served with bite-sized, delicious vegetables. 

8th course - Rosé Cava jelly

Served in a martini glass, the refreshing, slightly tart jelly is topped with raspberries for an almost crowning finish before moving on to the sweet finale.

9th and 10th course - dessert and cookies 

The finale was a chocolate fruit dessert together with a variation of Mallorcan pastries and biscuits. Coffee or tea is served on request for the grand finale. 

Would you like to experience the unique breakfast at Hotel Maricel?

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3 tips to keep in mind when eating the world's best breakfast:

  • Book as early as possible: the breakfast is well known and usually booked out weeks in advance.
  • Hunger, appetite and relaxation are prerequisites - breakfast lasts about 3 hours 
  • In case of food intolerances / other dietary requirements, please let us know when making your reservation. - All dishes are prepared almost à la minute. So the kitchen needs enough preparation time.

Picture credits: HOSPES HOTELS Infinite Places

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