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These are the best places to try street food

Trying street food is one of the most exciting food activities on holiday. In some cities, the to-go food promises real enjoyment!

17 September 2021

If you ever want to do something other than rooftop bars and fine restaurants on the beach promenade, you should definitely give street food a chance in these four cities. Because here you can find not only authentic cuisine of the country, but also all kinds of extraordinary creations. 

Bangkok (Thailand)

Bangkok is world famous for its street food. The city offers not only cheap, but also exceptionally good street food on almost every corner of the city. Here, culinary fans can find everything from fried rice and various meat options to barbecue and fruit salads. The variety is unparalleled and even though the many stalls can be overwhelming at first glance, they are the perfect place to experience Thai culture. Feel free to take an afternoon, stroll through the food markets and be inspired by the smells and impressions of the different dishes.

Small tip for all who travel there for the first time: The stands are the best places to get tips for your own cooking skills. Because if you watch the preparation carefully, you're sure to pick up a trick or two from the professionals. 

Bangkok is known all over the world for its delicious street food. Credit: Alvin Aden Ardenrich Pan/ Pixabay, Zeno Bresson/ Pixabay

London (Great Britain) 

Few street food offerings have as many international influences as those in London. The culinary scene is strongly inspired by Indian, American and other international cuisines. In the numerous food markets of the city, there is something for every gourmet.

The street food offer ranges from curry or burgers to classic fish & chips, to excellent waffles and vegan ice cream. If you look very closely, you can also find some street food bargains in London and can get an excellent menu for little money. Another advantage of food markets is that many of the places are covered, making them an ideal sightseeing spot even in bad weather.

London has a wide range of street food delicacies. Credit. Adrian Dorobantu/ Pexels

San Francisco (USA)

If you're planning a trip to San Francisco, you should definitely buy some of the classic American dishes directly as street food. Whether it's in the small roadside stands or the exclusive food trucks, San Francisco has some of the best hot dog and burger specialties right on the street. But beware: American cuisine is notoriously greasy and heavy, and the same goes for street food. Trying your way through San Francisco is accordingly difficult. 

But all the more reason to stay a few days longer and test the whole variety of fries and nachos topped with cheese. Especially snack-affine vacationers should definitely also look out for the Korean food trucks. The deep-fried specialties are just incredibly delicious!

In San Franciso, you can enjoy classic American street food and unusual food truck specialties. Credit: Amogh Manjunath/ Unsplash, Isaac Benhesed/ Unsplash

Sydney (Australia)

In Sydney, visitors can expect a wide range of different fries to extravagant seafood - and right on the street. Because the street food culture in Sydney is incredibly diverse and ranges from cheap to exclusive. Especially the brave should also look for some extraordinary barbecue specialties. Because in Australia, insects also end up on the grill again and again. Grilled crickets may not be very filling, but definitely an experience to remember for a long time. 

Those who want to combine their Sydney trip with a particularly international flair should also visit the Chinatown night market. Because anyone who walks through here, will certainly find one or the other culinary delicacy. 

Sydney has plenty to offer in the way of culinary delights, too. Credit: Dan Freeman/ Unsplash

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