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These are the most spectacular luxury sailing yachts in the world

A person with dreams wants a ship with sails, say quite a few. These are the most sensational luxury yachts in the world.

September 3, 2021

Beautiful ships fascinate, that's for sure! Cruising around the world, anchoring in breathtaking bays and letting your soul dangle surrounded by the blue ocean in a spectacular setting - hat's what some people are willing to pay for. We took a look at the most spectacular yachts in the world.

Sailing Yacht A

She is one of the largest of her kind. She is a masterpiece in every detail. Her name: Sailing Yacht A. The SY A is a sailing yacht owned by Russian billionaire and oligarch Andrei Melnichenko. With a length of almost 143 meters, she is actually the largest sailing yacht in the world (strictly speaking, she is a motor yacht with sail support). The construction of the ship is said to have cost a whopping 400 million euros. One of the most innovative superyachts in the world, the Sailing Yacht A boasts unique features including an underwater observation lounge, hybrid diesel propulsion and a state-of-the-art navigation system. Equally impressive are the dimensions of the three sail masts. She catches the eye around the world like no other superyacht before. 

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Black Pearl

Built by the Dutch shipyard Oceanco, the 106-metre yacht belonged to the Russian billionaire Oleg Bulakov, who unfortunately died from Covid-19 recently. He wanted a sailing yacht that consumed hardly any fuel. "Propellers generate electricity in stronger winds, and the 2,900-square-metre sails are to be fitted with thin solar panels, with almost an entire deck crammed with batteries. This should make it possible to cross the Atlantic with zero emissions even in light winds," claims the Manager Magazine

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Maltese Falcon

This sailing ship is recognizable from afar because of its striking silhouette. The Maltese Falcon is an 88-metre sailing yacht that was developed by a team of international specialists on behalf of US entrepreneur and billionaire Tom Perkins and built by Perini Navi in Turkey. This luxury sailing yacht was equipped for the first time with a Dyna rig - a rig with sails firmly anchored to rotating masts. The trade press (Boats Exclusive) calls it one of the most exciting projects in yacht history.

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Sea Eagle II

This 81-meter aluminum sailing yacht was built at the Royal Huisman shipyard in the Netherlands. "Sea Eagle II" may reach the dimensions of a small cruiser, but she only has room for 12 guests and 13 crew members. Key features include a large sun deck with a flybridge helm station. The sheltered cockpit on the deck below is equipped with a bar, sofas and a large outdoor dining area. Water toys include water scooters, SUPs, kayaks and two dinghies. For an adrenaline rush, the hydraulic crow's nest, which can ride to the top of the mainmast, is said to offer stunning views.

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"Sea Eagle II" is currently the seventh largest sailing yacht in the world with her 81 meters in length, if you count "SY A" - which many don't, because they tend to classify the 143 meter monster as a motor yacht. 

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