7 Tipps für die nächste Flugbuchung
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The 7 Best Hacks for Booking a Flight

We reveal the best days for booking and explain what else travelers should be aware of for planning their next flight.

November 15, 2022

Last minute? A year in advance? On Sundays - or better yet on Wednesdays? People are often at a loss when booking a flight and might get the worst deal out there. Yet there is a right time and way for nearly every aspect – from the best arrival and departure days to the ideal time to buy an airline ticket. We reveal our top 7 tips for your next booking.

1. Go incognito 

Inkognito suchen: Die besten Tipps für Reisebuchungen

To avoid price increases based on your search history, it's best to delete cookies regularly or search in incognito mode. © Surface

It may sound absurd, but you're better off looking for flights in incognito mode. Or at least delete your cookies before and after each search. According to an internet myth, booking sites save your search history and primarily display more expensive offers in subsequent searches.

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2. book early enough in advance

They say the early bird catches the worm. That's true for booking flights as well. You don't usually find the best prices at the last minute, but during the first four months of the year. Long-haul flights should even be booked as early as November the year prior. Or: 47 to 53 days (i.e. around seven weeks) before departure. Of course, the exact period also depends on the destination and whether you are traveling during high or low season.

An welchen Tagen sollte man seinen Flug buchen?

The best time to book a flight to far-flung countries is during the first four months of the year. © Shutterstock

Good to know:

If you're very lucky, you might spot a so-called error fare. This term refers to bookings that have been entered into the system by mistake. If that happens, make sure to be swift and book immediately! Error fares can disappear as fast as they popped up.

3. Best day for booking

First of all, travelers should leave the weekend out of their flight search. A good time for cheap offers is still Tuesday from about 6 p.m. In any case, make sure to search for flights on a weekday.

4. Best day to fly

Wer die Möglichkeit hat, seine Reise an einem Dienstag, Mittwoch oder Samstag zu starten, sollte sich für diese Abflugtage entscheiden.

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, you get to avoid large crowds, while Mondays, Fridays and Sundays are usually quite busy. © Avel Chuklanov

Those who have the opportunity to depart and arrive on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday should opt for these days. They are the cheapest in comparison. The most expensive flights are those that take on holidays and on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays.

5. Book separately

It would make perfect sense to book outbound and return flights with the same airline. Unfortunately, that's often not the cheapest option. It's advisable to check for one-way tickets from different airlines.


Similar to hotels, it's often recommended to book directly with the airline. © Shutterstock

6. Compare

It almost goes without saying that when booking a flight, you should compare prices, which often differ greatly from outlet to outlet. Sites like Skyscanner or Checkfelix are very helpful, but if possible, you should book directly with the airline. They often offer the same flight at a lower fare. In addition, they might already include checked baggage in the price – and are able to solve any problems that might arise better and faster.

7. after booking

Die Buchung ist abgeschlossen, doch: Was ist das? Am Folgetag ist derselbe Flug plötzlich viel günstiger im Netz. In solchen Fällen ist es gut zu wissen, dass viele Airlines ein 24-Stunden-Fenster haben, in dem die Buchung kostenlos storniert werden kann.

It might pay off to compare prices again the following day. © Thomas Lefebvre

You booked your flight and suddenly, the same flight is suddenly much cheaper the following day? If that's the case, it's good to know that many airlines have a 24-hour window in which a booking can be canceled free of charge. If the discrepancy in price applies to your flight and the 24-hour rule no longer applies, you can submit a refund request to the airline. In rare cases, it works and you might get the difference refunded.

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