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The best travel apps

So that you travel as pleasantly as possible

16 December 2020

If you want to go on holiday well prepared, you have many options to plan your trip, get virtual help with packing and also be well prepared on site.

We show you five apps you shouldn't do without before and during your trip.


Once you have booked a flight, hotel, rental car or any other reservation, you simply upload the data into the app. Within a very short time, a travel plan is created that gives you information on where you should be at what time and how you can get from the airport to your accommodation as quickly as possible, for example. In addition, you are perfectly organized and have all reservations and booking confirmations at a glance.


If you want to prepare for the holidays in peace and not be overwhelmed with stress at the last minute, then timely packing is simply part of it. Many people make lists, but only mentally. No wonder that one or the other important travel utensil is forgotten. With PackPoint you have a little helper that creates packing lists automatically and according to your individual needs. The app even informs you about the weather at your destination and adds things accordingly. Of course, you can also edit and expand the list yourself at any time. If you have a finished packing list, then you can also share it with your fellow travelers via a link in no time.

Yelp & Spotted by Locals

Who doesn't know the feeling: You're barely strolling through the lively streets of your holiday destination when you discover a restaurant or two and wonder whether they're classic tourist traps or culinary highlights. If you install Yelp on your mobile phone, it makes the search for a restaurant or a chic bar much easier. In most cases, there are also insider tips from locals. But the app also shows all stores and doctors. If you want even more insider tips, you can download Spotted by Locals onto your smartphone. Although a fee of € 3.99 is due, you can also use the app in offline mode - often not a bad idea abroad.


Admittedly, this app is debatable. However, if you have an existing Uber account, then not only are you familiar with the app, but you can also be sure that it will get you to your destination just fine. The fare is displayed instantly and in most cases, it is also much cheaper than the local taxis. In addition, you can take the ride without cash, as an Uber profile must have your credit card on file.

Google Translate

Arguably the most important app when you're abroad is a translation app like Google Translate. If you don't want to be constantly using a heavy dictionary, then the smartphone is the best way to overcome language barriers. In restaurants, it can often save the day, as you won't get the idea of ordering food that makes your stomach turn. And even if you're looking for a place and need to communicate with the locals, a virtual translator can save you some time and effort.

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