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The five best travel documentaries for holiday hungry people

So you can experience a trip around the world at home on the screen.

9 June 2021

Whoever wants to wait the time until the next Dream vacation and would like to get some inspiration at the same time, the best thing to do is to watch the following five travel documentaries. Because the breathtakingly beautiful footage gives us the feeling that we ourselves are in the middle of an adventure.

1. "My teacher, the octopus"

The documentary by James Rees and Pippa Ehrlich takes its viewers on a journey through the underwater world of South Africa. A filmmaker wants to change his life and therefore begins to dive. In the middle of a South African algae forest, he suddenly encounters a female octopus who immediately captivates him. An unusual bond, almost a friendship, develops between them, and the animal shows humans its fascinating underwater world. In 2021, the documentary was even nominated for an Oscar.

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2. "The most extraordinary houses in the world".

If you want to see the most impressive houses in the world and also experience a trip around the world, you should watch this great documentary with architect Piers Taylor and British actress Caroline Quentin. The two present extraordinary properties that are not only unique to look at, but are also in fantastic locations. Their journey takes them from Los Angeles to Norway and the forests of Japan. Particularly exciting is also the background knowledge about the construction methods, which one receives as a viewer.

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3. "Around the World with Zac Efron."

In this docu-series, Hollywood actor Zac Efron travels halfway around the world with health expert Darin Olien, exploring healthy and sustainable lifestyles. This includes visiting extraordinary environmental projects, tasting traditional specialties from different cultures or beneficial wellness and mindfulness trends. For the viewers, there are wonderful insights into the lifestyles of Iceland, France, Costa Rica, Sardinia, Lima, Puerto Rico, Iquitos and London.

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4. "Expedition Happiness"

In "Expedition Happiness", German filmmaker Felix Stark and musician Selima Taibi embark on an exciting adventure. The two get an old school bus and convert it into a comfortable camper van. This is the start of their journey, which will take them 25,000 kilometres from Alaska to Mexico. During their ten-month tour, they discover the North Carolina area, Niagara Falls, Canada and Alaska. Then they reach the West Coast and explore Los Angeles as well as numerous national parks before finally landing in Mexico and ending their adventurous journey in Tulum.

Watch on Amazon Prime Video.

5. "Tomorrow Elsewhere"

Daniel Rintz has a goal: he wants to travel the world. However, all he has is a motorcycle and no money. His journey, which took him from Berlin to New Zealand, lasted two and a half years. To finance the trip, he took on numerous odd jobs, through which he not only met countless new people, but was also able to immerse himself deeply in the culture and lifestyles of the respective countries. The documentary shows the challenges and adventures of the biker and how he managed to find his personal happiness.

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