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These cities have the healthiest work-life balance

Metropolises in check

28 May 2021

There are countless dream destinations in the world where you would love to settle down. But how balanced is life in Los Angeles, Barcelona or Paris really? The answer: rather moderately. Because according to a recent Study these Metropolises tend to be in the lower ranks when it comes to the right work-life balance. But the frontrunners are mainly Scandinavian cities.

Find out which cities in the world have the best work-life balance here.

1. Helsinki

Helsinki is in first place in the ranking. The study compared a total of 50 cities worldwide. The factors taken into account included working conditions, legislation and opportunities for compensatory time off, as well as air quality and general satisfaction - but the current Corona situation was also a decisive factor. The Finnish capital has been at the top of the World Happiness Report for several years and, in addition to an excellent quality of life and social support, also scores with a relaxed situation on the labor market - despite the pandemic.

Helsinki has the best work-life balance. Credit: Tapio Haaja

2. Oslo

Just behind Helsinki is the next Scandinavian city. Because also in Oslo there is a general job satisfaction due to a suitable number of vacation days and well regulated overtime. This makes the Norwegian city an attractive place for many to work, but also to live. Because the good air, the natural landscapes and the opportunities for professional development are simply a given in Oslo.

Attractive to work and live: Helsinki. Credit: Phil Aicken / Unsplash

3 Zurich

Switzerland is also in the top ranks for best work-life balance. The luxury city of Zurich takes third place and provides residents and professionals with balanced working and living conditions. And sufficient relaxation in leisure time is also ensured with the large fitness and wellness offer.

Switzerland also impresses with its work-life balance. Credit: Thimo Pedersen / Unsplash

4. Stockholm

Fourth place again goes to a city in Scandinavia. Residents value Stockholm above all for its flexible working models. The Swedish city also offers great opportunities to pursue a career in higher ranks and a maternity leave period of almost two years. This should also attract highly educated employees who want to balance work and family life.

The Swedish city's flexible working models are particularly impressive. Credit: Adam Gavlak / Unsplash

5 Copenhagen

Fifth place goes to Copenhagen. The comparatively low workload of around 37.5 hours per week, plus a low stress level and a wide range of cultural and leisure opportunities, also put the Danish city at the top of the rankings. That's probably why Copenhagen has one of the most productive workforces in the world. In addition, the city has been trying to be as family-friendly as possible for years.

Copenhagen is said to be home to many of the world's most productive workers. Credit: Rolands Varsbergs / Unsplash

Vienna, by the way, is in 12th place according to this study. The cities most affected by stress are Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Buenos Aires.

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