Lightweight luggage- How to optimize your travel wardrobe

6 tips for light luggage.

15 December 2020

Packing your suitcase is one thing, because you want to take your whole wardrobe with you! But when you travel, you have to keep your wardrobe to a minimum. We have six efficient tips on how to optimise your luggage in the best possible way.


Make checklist

Good preparation is half the battle. The best thing to do first of all is to gather the entire desired wardrobe, for example on the bed, and get an overview. This way you can see at a glance whether you have thought of everything and which similar items might stay at home. Tip: The choice of clothes should be made in such a way that as much as possible can be combined with each other.


Classify correctly

The basic rule is: heavy things to the bottom, light things to the top. Items like shoes, gadgets and other heavy things are put away first. This keeps the suitcase from getting out of balance and light clothing from getting crushed by the heavy stuff. Speaking of which: never stuff your suitcase completely, because one or two souvenirs almost always go with you. If it is already full on arrival, additional costs may be incurred when checking the weight on the return journey.


Pack clothes and accessories

It's just a question of technique! Whether with a carry-on or large suitcase, for more space, clothes should be rolled up instead of folded. This has two advantages: Skillful rolling saves packing volume and the pieces can be unpacked crease-free at the holiday destination. A win-win situation. The rolling principle can also be used for belts, scarves and the like.


Pack shoes

A good choice of shoes is the most important thing for any vacation. When it comes to travel shoes, you should definitely make sure that they are light and comfortable. This is the only way to survive long long-distance journeys or city trips. Particularly practical: you can also stow things inside the shoes in the suitcase. This saves space and keeps the shoes in shape.


Packing beauty products

Here too, less is more. Those who choose clever 2-in-1 products not only save space but also conserve resources. In addition, cosmetics and body care products should also be stowed in the beauty case in sealable bags. The constantly changing air pressure when flying, exerts enormous pressure and can lead to unsightly leakage of liquids. Well protected, you will not experience a nasty surprise upon arrival.


Hand luggage vs checked luggage

Unfortunately, it can always happen that the checked bag does not arrive with you at your holiday destination at the same time. Therefore, important valuables, documents or medication should always be carried in your hand luggage. This way you always have a few "emergency things" with you just in case.

Picture Credits: Arnel Hasanovic / Unsplash

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