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OTIVM: The special art of pampering

With OTIVM, Silversea Cruises is taking relaxation and wellness to a new level. The exclusive wellness concept was inaugurated on the new Silver Dawn.

April 6, 2022

Inspired by the sensations of the Mediterranean, the ancient Romans created a world of leisure they called Otium, where everything from opulent dining to spa experiences to socializing became a part of their daily lives. Discover Otium, the new wellness concept from Silversea Cruises, which will be introduced this spring, exclusively on the Silver Dawn , and takes you on an unforgettable sensory journey. However you define leisure and luxury, Otium will permanently change the way you relax and enjoy your private space. Because at Silversea, they believe that being pampered and living healthy are not mutually exclusive.

The special feature of the Otium concept is that it does not focus exclusively on the SPA area, wellness and relaxation can be lived anad experienced at any time and in any place on board the Silver Dawn . Enjoy the relaxing and pampering world where every moment counts. Silversea's bespoke in-suite experiences offer luxurious relaxation options that are the epitome of leisure and pleasure. Otium is much more than a standard spa offering.

The OTIVM Spa Experience

To offer you the ultimate relaxation, Silversea has also redesigned the SPA together with wellness experts. In addition to relaxing massages and other beauty treatments, you can unwind in the spa's thermal areas with a glass of champagne instead of a lemon water, with truffle snacks, caviar or the finest chocolates. Here it's all about indulgence, pampering and instant relaxation.

More than just treatments, OTIVM is ushering in a new era of wellness. ©Silversea

The OTIVM Comfort Food - Experience

At Silversea, they call it "Otium and Chill," as you can savor the flavors of the finest chef-prepared dishes in complete privacy. The Otium Comfort-Food experience not only offers you all your favorite dishes from the onboard restaurants in your suite, but also a selection of fine dining options that will tantalize your palate. Silversea transforms this special moment into a refined, personalized experience.

Indulgence doesn't come up short with OTIVM. ©Silversea

The OTIVM Veranda Experience

All suites feature a private veranda, but at Silversea, it offers much more than a stunning ocean view. That's because it also becomes host to Otium's specially created Veranda Indulgence Experiences, which promise to deeply immerse you in your destination. Each of the three moments is tailored to your destination, depending on what latitude you're at. For sun lovers, we offer "Under the Sun" - an enriched sunbathing experience that pampers and protects you in equal measure! "Baby it's cold outside" provides extra warmth on chilly evenings and in cold climates with cashmere blankets and the first hot chocolate meal at sea. Finally, you can have your butler customize your veranda with fine dining and exclusive treats.

The culinary time-out can be enjoyed twice as much on your own veranda. ©Silversea

The OTIVM Bathroom Experience

Immerse yourself in the Otium bathing experience. Treat yourself to some well-deserved time off with this indulgent addition to your travel experience. The term "immersive" would not suffice to describe the Otium bathing experience. Perfectly tempered bath water, comfortable back and neck pillows as well as customized bath salts from the Otium menu are just the beginning. Add candles, dim lighting, a delicious selection of delicacies to tantalize your taste buds, and the Otium music menu, and immerse yourself in complete relaxation for body and mind in your private bath.

Exquisite bath salts and fine snacks make bathing on the  Silver Dawn become an experience. ©Silversea

The OTIVM sleep experience

Because we all know that rest is a true fountain of youth for body and mind, sleep is taken very seriously at Silversea. Choose a pillow from the extensive pillow menu, curl up in Egyptian cotton and sleep on a custom Otium mattress designed exclusively for the ultimate sleep experience. The Otium sleep experience promotes the achievement of restful sleep so you can start each day fully rested. For a deeper insight and more details about Otium, you can click here to read our blog article .

The all-round concept of OTIVM promises recreation at the highest level. ©Silversea

The Silver Dawn

On board the Silver Dawn, the just officially baptized in Lisbon, a new dimension of luxury awaits you. She combines classic and modern elements and offers all the advantages of her sister ships Silver Muse and Silver Moon, but is really in a class of its own: large enough for a full eight restaurants - including Silversea's excellent program S.A.L.T. (Sea And Land Taste) - yet also small enough for Silversea's typical, family-like onboard ambience. Luxurious suites, innovative design and an unprecedented Otium wellness concept set completely new standards for luxury travel.

On Silversea Cruises' ships, guests enjoy plenty of privacy and inimitable luxury. ©Silversea

The travels of the Silver Dawn

Be among the first to board the Silver Dawn, the tenth ultra-luxury ship in the Silversea fleet, discover Otium and explore the world. The brand new ship set sail on her first cruise on April 1 and will cruise the Mediterranean throughout the 2022 summer season. Here you can view all the trips of the Silver Dawn .

In Portugal, the new Silver Dawn recently christened. This year, travelers will discover the Mediterranean with her. ©Silversea

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