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schönsten Segelspots der Welt
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Trend Watch Sailing: Are these the 7 most beautiful sailing spots in the world?

Gliding over turquoise waters, enjoying, being one with nature: sailing is the trend. But where are the most beautiful sailing spots in the world? And what makes them so special? A journey into the blue.

April 15, 2022

Anyone who has experienced how unforgettable a sailing trip can be will understand why this type of vacation is gaining popularity. The advantages are obvious: you are independent, you are out in nature and you experience the most fascinating places on the planet from a new perspective. But where are the most beautiful sailing spots in the world? What should definitely be on the bucket list:

1. whitsundays, australia

Australia's Whitsunday Islands are known for their brilliant white beaches. © Shutterstock

The Whitsunday Islands consist of 74 islands. They are located on the Great Barrier Reef. So every snorkeling trip here becomes a visit to a wonder of the world. Crystal clear water, blue skies and the beautiful beaches of Whitehaven Beach make for picture postcard pictures. The warm climate and good weather make the Whitsundays attractive all year round. The best sailing time is from May to November. In winter you can often even watch whales migrating.


2. french polynesia, south pacific

French Polynesia comprises more than 100 islands. © Shutterstock

2000 square kilometers - this is the area of the 118 islands that belong to French Polynesia. This corresponds to the area of Western Europe. The most famous island, Tahiti, attracts with land tours to waterfalls. Black sand beaches and lush tropical nature also await. This sailing spot is also good to sail all year round. In July and August, however, the wind strength increases to 20 to 30 knots. It is advisable to have experienced sailors on board.


3. galapagos, ecuador

On land, the fauna astonishes. © Shutterstock

Charles Darwin, the theory of evolution and the Galapagos Islands are inextricably linked. No wonder, after all, a particularly exotic fauna beckons here. Sea lions, iguanas, giant tortoises, blue-footed bubis and many other species cavort here. Also under water. Important to know: If you want to go ashore, you have two options. One of them is to apply for a cruising permit beforehand. This is called "Autografo". Or you can just drop by spontaneously. But then you are only allowed to visit one port. 


4. Bay of Islands, New Zealand

The North Island's Great Bay is also important culturally and historically. © Shutterstock

The large bay on the North Island of New Zealand is one of the most beautiful sailing spots in the world, because here the rich Maori culture and fascinating nature meet. You sail through the turquoise waters, accompanied by dolphins, and explore caves, sandy beaches and more than 150 islands. The best time to sail in New Zealand is between November and April.


5. zanzibar, tanzania

Top tip: The Zanzibar International Film Festival takes place in July. © Shutterstock

Once known as the Spice Island, it used to be a trading post for the Orient. Therefore, even today you can find numerous exciting sights that remind you of this time. Stone Town is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The crystal clear waters are ideal for snorkeling. The temperature is 27 degrees all year round. From June to October the conditions are perfect for sailing.


6. grenadines, caribbean

Caribbean: need we actually say more about it? © Shutterstock

For several kilometers, the Grenadines island chain stretches in the Southern Caribbean. They are known for their white sandy beaches and ideal sailing conditions. An excursion to Spring Bay is pretty cool. It served as a movie location for some scenes in "Pirates of the Caribbean". Of the 32 islands, only nine are inhabited. There is always something to discover. The best time to sail is between May and November.


7. greece

Kefalonia in the Gulf of Petras captivates with dream scenery. © Shutterstock

In the Mediterranean Sea, the Greek Islands attract with a variety of exciting sailing spots. With more than 300 days of sunshine per year, the weather is ideal for relaxed sailing days. During the day, you'll land on secluded beaches and explore authentic villages. The sunsets on the ocean are among the most spectacular sunsets in the world. The sailing season in Greece runs from May to October. July and August are high season.

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