Von Bikinis, die Alarm schlagen, wenn der Sonnenschutz aufgetragen werden muss, über Puls-messende Sport-BHs und bis zu E-Insektensticks oder smarten Reisekoffern: Diese Smart Gadgets sind kluge Begleiter im nächsten Urlaub.
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Smart Travels: The Best Gadgets for Your Next Trip

From bikinis that alert you to reapply sunscreen and phone-powered insect sticks to high-tech luggage: these gadgets are smart companions for your next vacation.

August 28, 2022

Whether you're vacationing at home in Austria or traveling far away to Japan or Vietnam: these 5 smart gadgets make traveling easier, more enjoyable and worry-free.

The smart bikini

From island bliss in Rhodes to a tropical beach in Bali, adequate sun protection is essential to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. That's why the French brand Spinali Design has created custom-made smart swimwear that alerts you when your SPF wears off. Sensors in the fabric are connected to an app, which links the data on your respective skin type with information on UV radiation to calculate the precise moment to reapply. Another gimmick is the integration of a small camera in the bikini or one-piece, which can take photos during your swim.

Die besten Smart Gadgets für den nächsten Urlaub

The NEVIANO3 bikini by Spinali, from €419 © spinali-design.fr 


The smart suitcase

Today's suitcases are more than just luggage. Made from sturdier material, they are equipped with some very helpful features, such as GPS sensors that indicate the location of the suitcase in real time, so that it can no longer be lost. Or integrated scales, which prevent you from overpacking. The latest models, such as the Airwheel, won't even burden you with their weight – they maintain a predefined minimum distance from the owner and follow them automatically.


The SR5 Smart suitcase by Airwheel, from €799 © airwheel.net 


The bug stick

Whether it's a sand fly or a swarm of mosquitoes at the lake, few things are as enervating as bug bites. Electric sting healers that can relieve itching and swelling via heat impulses can provide symptom relief on the go. The smartphone sting healer from bite away features a USBC or Lighting connection. It's controlled via an app, available for both Android and iOS, allowing your smartphone to relieve bug bites. A perfect gadget for traveling!

Die besten Smart Gadgets für den nächsten Urlaub

The bite away pro sting healer from bite away, from €34.95 © bite-away.com 


The smart lock

Whether it's a trolley or a weekender, sometimes you want to play it safe. Instead of the usual padlock, today's travelers are turning to smart locks. Using Bluetooth or NFC technology, these can be unlocked or locked remotely with your phone. Some models, like the one from AirBolt, even have TSA-approved locks so that you can leave your suitcase locked during your flight without causing any problems at bag check.

Die besten Smart Gadgets für den nächsten Urlaub


Smart Lock from AirBolt, from €50 © theairbolt.com   


The smart wallet

Every traveler's nightmare: a credit card that doesn't work, is stolen or skimmed. A smart wallet is a good investment to avoid these annoying (and costly) incidents. Most models feature Bluetooth tracking, security compartments and RFID shielding to prevent secret contactless approaches. The Parliament Wallet from Ekster has the add-on option to include a tracking card to locate the wallet again in case of loss or theft.

Parliament Wallet by Ekster $89, tracking card at $49 © ekster.com

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