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Trend Watch All-Inclusive Luxury: The Comeback of the Resort Vacation

Luxury and comfort instead of adventure and experiences - the all-inclusive luxury vacation is hot again! After two years of pandemic and an excess of stress, it is exactly this maximum of comfort that is currently incredibly in demand on vacation.

March 25, 2022

The Covid 19 pandemic has impacted some travel trends. Workations, staycations and, unfortunately, some canceled vacations filled the calendars the past two years. However, one unexpected trend that is surging this year has long been anything but trendy: All-Inclusive Luxury. Decadent all-inclusive vacations at extensive resorts that guests barely leave during their entire stay are more popular than ever. But who is the target group and why now exactly?

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Back on trend: the all-inclusive resort is making a comeback. © Unsplash

Perfectly happy

According to reports, the pandemic has left the majority of people vulnerable to increased stress levels at workand in their private lives. Accordingly, travelers are again increasingly looking for the opportunity to completely switch off on vacation, to forget everyday life, and to not have to worry about anything. Keyword: All inclusive Luxury. What better way to relax than to leave everything in the hotel room and have access to spa treatments, pools and refreshing culinary delights all day long?

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Rest and Relaxation - All-Inclusive Luxury for Adults Only

The popularity of all-inclusive luxury for adults only continues to grow. Whether childless couples, singles traveling alone or parents in desperate need of togetherness, luxury resorts for adults are oases of relaxation where you can spend the day listening to the sound of the sea instead of noisy children.

Oases of tranquility: adult-only resorts are tailored to the needs of adults. © Shutterstock & Unsplash

Everything in one place

Again, travelers are enjoying not having to have a plan and simply enjoying the day spontaneously. All-inclusive resorts have the advantage of combining everything in one place. Whether spa, pool, gym, restaurant or beach - you are not plagued by the agony of choice and have the opportunity to organize your time freely according to your mood.

Like a small town, resorts have everything in one place. © Shutterstock & Unsplash

All-Inclusive Luxury for Families

The pandemic has definitely made for stronger cohesion among many families. Another travel trend that has therefore emerged in recent years is cross-generational vacations. Whether it's young adults traveling more with their parents again, or families going on vacation together with their grandparents - family-friendly all-inclusive resorts are experiencing strong growth again and offer all-round service for all age groups and needs.

All in the family: families are increasingly traveling together again. © Shutterstock

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