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Trend Watch Upselling: How to Serve Guests Creatively

Inspiring guests and offering them an incomparable vacation experience is the be-all and end-all for hoteliers. That's why more and more are resorting to the upselling trend. Let's find out what's behind it.

March 15, 2023

Service with that certain extra something - that's probably the best way to describe the upselling trend. In order to stand out from the fierce competition, hotels are constantly coming up with new ideas to ensure that they are remembered as positively as possible by their guests. From hangover breakfasts and balloon messages to Playstation and Netflix packages, everything is on offer now- not entirely free of charge, of course.

Marketing-Begriff Upselling

Upselling is a marketing term. © Shutterstock

After all, the term upselling comes from marketing and is aimed at increasing sales. It's a win-win situation, because while the guest is persuaded to book a higher-quality category than originally planned and can expect more comfort and service in return, the hotel is happy about higher revenues and guest loyalty. Satisfied guests are known to come back, and that's all that counts in business these days.

The basics of upselling

If you book a high-quality vacation experience you want to be offered the full feel-good factor from the beginning to the very end of your stay. The trend in travel is moving more and more towards full flexibility and the best service. Therefore, there are a few upselling basics that hardly any hotel can do without these days:

Upselling-Trend Shuttle Service

There's nothing quite like a shuttle service that picks up vacationers right at the airport. © Shutterstock

Shuttle service

The vacation doesn't just start when you arrive at the hotel, but usually from the moment you get off the plane. That's why most hotels offer a shuttle service to ensure that their guests arrive at the hotel comfortably and safely and do not have to resort to overpriced cabs with waiting times.

Early riser or late riser breakfast

While business guests often have to get up early, vacationers are happy to sleep in during their days off. Preferences are completely individual in the morning, so hotels do well to offer different breakfast options. An early meal for early risers or brunch options for late risers are now part of the standard offering at many hideaways.

Early check-in or late check-out

The plane home doesn't leave until late in the evening, but theoretically you already have to clear your room for the next guests in the morning and can no longer spend the day relaxing on the beach? To solve this - admittedly difficult - situation, more and more hotels are building on an additional package that allows a later check-out. By the way, the same applies to an early check-in: especially interesting for those guests who land at the crack of dawn and want to enjoy comfort directly and don't have to wait for hours for their room.

Laundry service

If you are on vacation for a longer period of time, you'll need to wash your clothes once in a while. If you don't want to wash your clothes yourself over the sink or visit a local laundromat, you'll be happy to have a laundry service at your hotel. The clothes are washed, dried and ironed on schedule and returned to the room. It couldn't be easier.

Five creative upsell hits

Pampering guests far beyond the standard and creating special vacation memories - that is what many hotels claim now. And to do so, they come up with quite a few ideas. These five creative upselling hits actually exist in this form:

Trend Floating Breakfast

How about a floating breakfast? © Shutterstock

Floating Breakfast

In areas where the thermometer already shows summer temperatures early in the morning, there is a new trend that should especially please influencers and bloggers. The floating breakfast, which is served on a floating tray in the pool, not only tastes delicious under the baking sun, but also looks pretty cool. Hotels in hit regions like Bali and the Philippines in particular have been using this kind of start to the day for already a long time.


Tourists rarely spend their entire vacation in their hotel room or by the pool, but are often inspired to explore the surrounding area. Various tourist packages provide the perfect basis for an extensive day of sightseeing. Discounts at restaurants or cafes, for attractions or guided tours invite guests not to think twice and start into an exciting day straightaway. Hotels cooperate with local providers for this purpose, not infrequently also with swimming pools or spas.

Declaration of love

Something that many lovers want is spending a few romantic days together. Whether it's for Valentine's Day, on the wedding night or during the honeymoon. And the possibilities are endless: from champus or balloons in the room, to vouchers for couple treatments in the spa, to private candlelight dinners on the beach or at special dinner destinations, it's all there.

Private dinner on the beach © Shutterstock

Multimedia package

How do you spend your evenings in hotels? If there isn't a cool bar available and you'd rather spend quiet hours in bed anyway, the multimedia package is a great solution. Watching Netflix, movies or sporting events like soccer on the large hotel room TV is just as available as listening to music. If a culinary room service is also offered, nothing stands in the way of a personal vacation TV evening.


If you want to bring your body and mind into harmony and don't want to enroll in new hotel yoga or meditation classes every day, you can opt for a multi-day retreat at many hotels. For a little more money, you get completely planned-out days designed to improve your personal well-being. While yoga and spa retreats have long been standard in most wellness hotels, special fasting, sports or spirit retreats are becoming increasingly popular.

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