Trend sport cross-country skiing: With this equipment you are safe on the slopes

From the poles to the perfect cross-country skis.

8 January 2021

Winter sports means for many Skiing or snowboarding. But this winter, everything is a little different. So why not try something new, like cross-country skiing? This sport is perfect for being active while enjoying the breathtaking winter landscape to the fullest. Outside Stories, an online portal with price comparisons for sports equipment, has summarized what equipment you need, how to find the right product for your needs, and how to get started as a beginner.

Why cross country skiing is healthy

Those who want to be active this winter despite restrictions due to the pandemic have the opportunity to try cross-country skiing. As the healthiest sport, cross-country skiing uses all muscle groups and is considered an effective whole-body workout. The balanced, gliding movement is easy on the joints and back and at the same time strengthens the cardiovascular system and endurance.

Not all cross country skiing is the same

In principle, three types of cross-country skiing are distinguished:

  • Classic
  • Skating
  • Cross-Country

Classic cross-country skiing is the well-known cross-country skiing style on the trail. Here, the skis remain parallel and are propelled forward in step movements mostly within the track of the cross-country skiing trail.

The so-called skating is the fastest cross-country skiing style. Here you move similarly to skating. You don't need a track for this, but a smooth solid surface, which is usually tracked next to the track for classic cross-country skiing.

And lastly, there is the little known cross-country, cross-country skiing in completely untouched terrain.

The important thing is: The equipment must fit the cross-country skiing style.

Which type of cross-country skiing is the right one?

The first decision when buying equipment is which of the three types of cross-country skiing you want to practice. Those who are unsure can simply rent the respective equipment and book a classic and a skating lesson in a ski school. After that you will know for sure which type of cross-country skiing suits you best.

Which equipment is best suited?

There are two important components here:

In cross-country skiing, a distinction is made between classic skis and skating skis. The binding is bought separately. Here too, there are differences between classic and skating. Also indispensable are the appropriate cross-country ski boots. Here, too, a distinction is made between classic and skating shoes. And finally, you need special cross-country ski poles. 

When it comes to clothing, you don't necessarily have to use special cross-country clothing. However, you should make sure that you are not dressed too warmly. Cross-country skiing is very intense and you sweat easily, so breathable clothing is recommended. It is also worth carrying a backpack with drinks and a change of clothes to keep your body hydrated and to be able to change in case of an emergency.

The care of the cross country skis

Before hitting the trails, you should check the condition of your base. Especially cross-country skis require special care here. You should make sure that you wax your skis regularly. This is worthwhile, because then the skis simply run better and it is clearly more fun. And if you take good care of your equipment, it will thank you with better performance and longevity.

This is the budget you should plan for

If you're toying with the idea of discovering cross-country skiing for yourself but don't want to rent full equipment every time, Outside Stories has the perfect price guide for you.

All-round equipment for cross-country skiing consists of numerous components.

Picture Credits: Ruhpolding Tourismus GmbH, Fischer SportsGmbH / Markus Berger Grafik, S. Hermann & F. Richter / Pixabay

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