Willkommen im Dschungel! In den Luxus-Hotels in Thailand, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka oder Indonesien erlebt man die unberührten Tropenwälder hautnah. Ganz abgeschieden, dabei mit allen Annehmlichkeiten, die das Reiseherz begehrt.
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Vacation in the jungle: 5 luxury hotels in the middle of the jungle

Welcome to the jungle! In these luxury hotels in Thailand, Costa Rica or Indonesia, you can experience the untouched tropical forests up close. Completely secluded, yet with all the amenities that the traveler's heart desires.

10 February 2022

The trend of spending your vacation in the jungle is rightly becoming more and more popular. Because between liana-clad forest giants and wild rivers, not only numerous adventures await - but also luxurious relaxation, the finest cuisine and plenty of culture. We present five luxury hotels and resorts that have placed their suites and private villas in the middle of the jungle.

Costa Rica: Hacienda AltaGracia Auberge Resort

Dschungel-Urlaub in Costa Rica: Die Hacienda AltaGracia bietet luxuriöse Villen für ihre Gäste. © Hacienda AltaGracia

Jungle vacation in Costa Rica: Hacienda AltaGracia offers luxurious villas for its guests. © Hacienda AltaGracia

Costa Rica - the "Rich Coast", on whose shores the waters of the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea lambent, is crisscrossed by tropical rainforest. In the middle of this jungle - barely an hour and a half's drive from the Pacific coast - lies Hacienda AltaGracia, consisting of fifty private luxury casitas.

In the one- or two-bed accommodations, well-being in harmony with nature is the order of the day and night: bright, open rooms skilfully set off the Boho Chic interior design in soft off-white and earth tones; those with an eye for detail will hardly get enough. Outside, spacious terraces and private pools invite you to relax and enjoy the view of the rainforest and the nearby coffee plantation - preferably early in the morning with a freshly brewed cup of Costa Rican coffee. 


The Hacienda AltaGracia offers all guests so-called "Compas". The personal experience designers create individual packages of wellness, culinary and jungle adventure. Horseback rides with the hacienda's horses are as much a part of the program as a visit to a remote village in the rainforest or a Blue Zone-inspired brunch at Río San Ignacio. More great Costa Rica tips are available here.

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Hacienda AltaGracia Auberge Resort
Contiguo a la Escuela de, Cajón, Santa Teresa - Quizarrá, San José, 11908 Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica
Tel.: +1 844 207 8490
Web: aubergeresorts.com
Price: from € 1.442/night, 2 persons

Good to know:

Language: How do you greet in Costa Rica?

  • "Pura Vida!" Costa Ricans use the phrase "pure life" as a greeting, as a farewell, and as an answer to the question of how they are feeling. Pure enjoyment of life.

When is the best time to travel to Costa Rica?

  • Those who prefer to avoid the rainy season in Costa Rica's tropical climate should arrive between late November and April. Temperatures during the dry season are between 25 and 30 °C, with up to nine hours of sunshine.

Das Viceroy Bali bietet Flüge über den Nauyaca Wasserfall in Costa Rica.

Enjoying the dry season in the green: AltaGracia offers ultralight flights over Nauyaca Waterfall in Costa Rica's jungle. © Kyle Pearce

Indonesia: Viceroy Bali Luxury Resort Hotel

Willkommen im Dschungel! Im Luxus-Hotel auf Bali in Thailand erlebt man die unberührten Tropenwälder hautnah. Ganz abgeschieden, dabei mit allen Annehmlichkeiten, die das Reiseherz begehrt.

Breakfast with jungle view at Viceroy Bali in Thailand. © Viceroy Bali

Not only are the jungle giants in the Valley of the Kings in the heart of Ubud majestic - the 5-star Viceroy Bali Hotel also lets guests become kings and queens. Located in southern Bali, the luxury resort hotel comprises 40 light-filled private villas with personalized stays, discreet service and heated infinity pools. Here, you swim your laps overlooking the mist-covered jungle escape - a refreshment from more than one angle.

The everyday life escape into the Indonesian thicket arranges itself in the Viceroy variously: There wait on the one hand all 5-star amenities like Fine Dining or Wellness in the hotel-own Lembah Spa. On the other hand one goes out: On winding jungle paths with the Ausritt with elephants one spies the treetops. You can stroll through wide, lush green rice paddies or be instructed in Balinese dance. More thrills are promised by rafting or climbing the islandvolcanoes. 


Gourmets are by no means left behind at the Viceroy. In the Apéritif Restaurant with its Roaring Twenties ambience, chef Nic Vanderbeeken combines modern gastronomy with exquisite Indonesian ingredients. The view of the Valley of the Kings beckons at Cascades - as does the Western-Balinese gourmet cuisine. A must on the menu: the 10-course Balinese Rijstaffell Tasting Dish.

The Viceroy Bali Luxury Resort Hotel
Jl. Lanyahan, Br. Nagi, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, 80571 Bali, Indonesia
Tel.: +62 361 971 777
Web: viceroybali.com 
Price: from € 1.240/night, 2 persons

Das traditionelle 10-gängige balinesische Rijstaffell-Tasting-Dish ist der Gourmet-Allrounder im Viceroy. © Viceroy Bali

The traditional 10-course Balinese Rijstaffell Tasting Dish is the gourmet all-rounder at Viceroy. © Viceroy Bali

Good to know:

Language: How do you greet in Bali, Indonesia?

  • "Om Swastiastu!" The traditional Balinese greeting should be said with hands folded in front of the chest. The greeting can be roughly translated as "May God bless you".

When is the best time to travel to Indonesia?

  • Those who visit Indonesia and especially Ubud on Bali should arrive between May and October. Thus, one avoids the abundant rainfall and insect-rich days of the rainy season.

Thailand: Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort

Das Anantara Golden Triangle im Dschungel Thailands, direkt am Goldenen Dreieck, enthält ein Elefantencamp mit wissenschaftlichem Forschungs- und Schutzprogramm.

The Anantara Golden Triangle in Thailand's jungle, adjacent to the Golden Triangle, includes an elephant camp with a scientific research and conservation program. © Anantara Golden Triangle

Nestled between Laos, Myanmar and Thailand, crossed by the mystical Mekong River, is the Golden Triangle. Once notorious for its vast opium fields, it is now an attractive destination with rice fields, tea and coffee plantations. There, in northern Thailand, is the Anantara Golden Triangle Resort with Elephant Camp.

The name says it all: Those who move into their accommodation at Anantara, for example in one of the 15 suites in Thai design, are closer to the tropical forest and its large gray inhabitants than anywhere else. Amenities like the resort spa and fine dining, from Italian to Thai, go hand in hand with species conservation at Anantara. Because: The hotel includes an award-winning elephant camp with scientific research and conservation program. Animal lovers can observe the animals in the wild or walk with them through the thicket. A truly great pleasure.

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The Jungle Bubble Lodge with its large glass facade is located in the middle of the elephant camp. At night, the view from the pachyderms may also wander to the starry sky.

Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort
229, Wiang, Chiang Saen District, 57150 Chiang Rai, Thailand
Tel.: +66 53 784 084
Web: anantara.com 
Price: from € 1.408/night, 2 persons

Die Anantara Jungle Bubble Lodge mit zwei Schlafzimmern lädt dazu ein, die Elefantenherde in freier Wildbahn zu beobachten. Urlaub im Dschungel mit Artenschutz!

The two-bedroom Anantara Jungle Bubble Lodge invites guests to observe the elephant herd in the wild. © Anantara Golden Triangle

Good to know:

Language: How do you greet in Thailand?

  • The so-called "Wai" is the traditional greeting in Thailand: palms together, fold in front of the body at chest level and bow slightly. This is accompanied by the greeting Sawadee kha (for men: Sawadee khab).

When is the best time to travel to Thailand?

  • The Golden Triangle has a tropical climate, so it is best to travel during the dry season from December to February. The temperature is a pleasant 25 °C -  Since it cools down to 10 °C at night, you should still pack warm clothes.

Sri Lanka: Jungle Beach by UGA Escapes 

Vacation between azure expanses and deep green jungle: UGA Escapes on Sri Lanka. © UGA Jungle Beach

The UGA Jungle Beach combines the best of two worlds: Between jungle and beach, in close proximity to the town of Trincomalee, globetrotters find their retreat in nature. In front of the eco-friendly private villas - with pool option as well as location on the beach, jungle or lagoon - exotic birds chirp, only a few steps away the Indian Ocean lashes the golden private beach.

The UGA serves guests a fusion cuisine of international and Sri Lankan - including at the beach bar, where live cooking and delicious fish dishes round off the jungle vacation. A visit to the town of Trincomalee with one of the deepest natural harbors in the world is always worthwhile. The experiences in the turquoise water will also remain unforgettable: those who venture out on the boat will be rewarded with the sight of whales, dolphins and orcas.


Jungle Beach is where deep green jungle meets white sandy beach. An intoxicating combination best celebrated at an intimate beach picnic or BBQ under the stars.

Uga Jungle Beach Trincomalee Hotel
27th Kilometer Post Pulmoddai Road, 31000 Kuchchaveli, Sri Lanka
Tel.: +94 26 567 1000
Web: ugaescapes.com
Price: from € 237/night, 2 persons

Urlaub im Dschungel von Sri Lanka: ein Paradies für Reisende! © Road Trip with Raj

Vacation in the jungle of Sri Lanka: a paradise for travelers! © Road Trip with Raj

Good to know:

Language: How do you greet in Sri Lanka?

  • The Sinhalese "Ayubowan" - which means "May you have a long life" - is the Sri Lankan hello. Shaking hands is rather unusual here.

When is the best time to travel to Sri Lanka?

  • The west coast of Sri Lanka has a tropical savannah climate. The best time to travel here is from January to September, when the thermometer reads around 30 °C and the water is a warm 27 °C.

Papua New Guinea: Tufi Resort

Urlaub mitten im Dschungel und direkt am Strand: das Tufi Resort, Oro Province. © Tufi Resort

Vacation in the jungle paradise Papua New Guinea, between modernity and island tradition: the Tufi Resort in the Oro Province. © Tufi Resort

For many, it remains a paradise shrouded in mystery: Papua New Guinea, north of Australia and home to tropical birds of paradise, numerous indigenous tribes and languages, was only discovered by the West in the last century. In this "land at the end of the world," at Cape Nelson, lies Tufi Resort. The personalized boutique resort overlooks the crystal clear Solomon Sea on the secluded sandy beach as well as the fjords and jungle covered mountains.

If you make your way from your bungalow with veranda to the colonial-style main building, you'll follow your nose: Seafood, vegetables, and tropical fruit land on the grill at the terraced barbecue area. In the Village Eco guest villas right on the beach, you get closer to the indigenous people, learn about their customs-such as sago making, canoe building, or face tattooing. An immersive vacation experience that will stay in your memory for a long time.

Pssst: Man-eaters no longer exist in Papua New Guinea. The cannibal custom is a thing of the past, and vacationers can relax with peace of mind.


Tufi Resort has been diving for over 16 years: just a jump from the shore, species-rich reefs and old shipwrecks from World War II are waiting to be explored. With water temperatures of around 27 °C and crystal clear visibility over 30 meters, it's a real experience.

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Tufi Resort
Oro, Tufi Dive Resort, 246 Tufi, Papua New Guinea
Tel.: +675 323 3462
Web: tufiresort.com 
Price: from € 290/night, 2 persons

Beim Tauchen auf Papua Neuguinea entdeckt man schon mal einen etwas griesgrämig dreinblickenden Clownsfisch. © Sebastian Pena Lambarri

While diving in Papua New Guinea, you might spot a clownfish - looking a bit grumpy. © Sebastian Pena Lambarri

Good to know:

Language: How do you greet in Papua?

  • In Papua, people shake hands. It is considered respectful not to look each other in the eye. The spoken lingua franca is the pidgin language Tok Pisin - so people greet each other with "Gude" pronounced like "Goo-Day".

When is the best time to travel to Papua New Guinea?

  • The southeast coast of Oro Province has an ever-humid and hot tropical climate with about 28 °C. It is best to travel during the low rainfall months between June and September. Between December and April, heavy rains and numerous hurricanes occur, so you should avoid traveling during this time.

Now it's just a matter of packing your bags - and discovering a whole new vacation paradise in the jungle.

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