Victoria Swarovski

Just for shopping in Paris and then directly for a shoot on Mauritius: Victoria Swarovski leads an enviable life.

2 March 2020

We chatted with the Austrian jetsetter about her travel habits and experiences and asked her for her insider tips for the dream island in the Indian Ocean.

16 questions for Victoria Swarovski:


1. how do you prepare for long, cross-time zone flights? What is your miracle cure for the change between the cold and dry temperate zone and the subtropical climate?

I generally travel quite frequently for work and always drink plenty of tea and water on the plane to stay hydrated. I also drink a fresh ginger shot every day to boost my immune system. On the plane, you should also always dress warmly and sleep as much as possible.

2. are you the type of traveler who likes to discover new places, or are you always drawn to the same place. If so, why?

I am a very curious and adventurous person, so I love to travel! I super enjoy learning about new cultures and new places.
I was just for the first time on the dream island of Mauritius and must say I was positively surprised by the diversity of the island. The turquoise water of the Indian Ocean and the long white sandy beaches with their palm trees are beautiful. You can relax there super and come down.

You regularly jet between the most exciting fashion capitals around the world. Which city do you like the most?

Definitely Paris, I love coming back there again and again. It's so romantic and has everything you need. Good restaurants, hotels and great museums. Paris is also the perfect city for a shopping day with the girls, or a romantic couples holiday.

My tips for Paris:

The best burgers are at Ferdi's, they are absolutely top class!
You can shop well at Le Bon Marché - there you can really find everything your heart desires.
For art lovers, the Louvre is of course a must. You should also make a trip to Montmartre and see the exhibition of Alaïa, my absolute favorite designer.

5. what are the five things that no holiday should be without? Why did you choose these things?

Of course, it all depends on where I'm going! When I travel to warm regions, a bikini, sunscreen and of course a sports outfit must not be missing, because I do sports wherever possible to stay in shape. As a woman, of course, my beauty products must not be missing. My mobile phone is also very important.

Luxury for me is spending time with my family and loved ones.


6. what do they expect from the perfect hotel?

A perfect hotel for me has a great location and large rooms with great amenities. I personally love hotels like Le Bristol in Paris. The service there is absolutely perfect and accommodating. Since I travel a lot and often have little time, it is important to me that there is good and especially healthy food around the clock. The SPA to relax should leave nothing to be desired - I love massages.

7. besides a nice hotel, what else do you consider to be part of a perfect luxury trip?

I am an absolute family man. Luxury for me is spending time with my family and my loved ones, so we also go on holiday together as often as possible and spend as much time together as possible. Besides that, it is important to me that the service is friendly and competent.

I love variety and am always on the run. Just lying on the beach is not really my thing. I like to go on trips and share the good times with my loved ones or my team. On Mauritius, for example, we went out on a catamaran to watch dolphins and to go snorkelling - it really looks like an aquarium there, so many colourful fish cavorting in one spot! We also explored the island with quads and walked across the longest Nepalese bridge of the Indian Ocean. A really great experience - and something different.

8. Mauritius is a very special place. What was the argument that persuaded you to spend a holiday on the dream island?

Mauritius is a true paradise, the island is famous for the warmth of its multicultural population, for miles of white sandy beaches and for true luxury and first-class hotels. We were there to shoot editorials for various fashion magazines. Since we wanted sun and it was winter in our country, Mauritius was the perfect choice thanks to its year-round subtropical and consistently warm climate and beautiful natural scenery.

9 As a participant in Let's Dance, you once said that dancing was one of your favourite hobbies. In Mauritius, the possibilities in this regard are somewhat more limited. What activities have you enjoyed most on the island?

Dancing is an important part of the culture in Mauritius. I myself had the pleasure of dancing with a Creole Sega group one evening. I enjoy water skiing and wakeboarding and also swimming and snorkelling. I just love being on or in the water. I also loved the "Vallee des 23 Couleus" in Mauritius, an adventure park where there is really a lot to do. Beside the Nepalese bridge there is for example also a 1,5 kilometres long zip line that you can zip down - unique! Unfortunately, this time I was not long enough in Mauritius to really see everything. I will definitely go there again.


I love the variety and am always "on the run"! Just lying on the beach is not for me.



One of the most beautiful places in the "Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa" is the infinity pool with bar and restaurant.

10. what does your perfect day in Mauritius look like?

I think I am quite unconventional. I get up early, have a quick breakfast and then the day can already begin. As I said, I like it varied and sporty. Whether that's hiking, water sports or just the gym, the main thing is exercise and nice people around me! In general, I want to see and experience as much as possible. Mauritius really has a lot to offer.

11. Which are your favourite hotels in Mauritius? What makes these hotels so special?

I have only been to one so far, but it was really nice. The Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa is located on the west coast, from which you can see beautiful sunsets. The resort consists only of large private villas with their own pool. There are three quite amazing restaurants, a large main pool with infinity edge, in fact everything your heart desires. My team and I had a great time there.

Mauritius has a very good Creole cuisine. Do you like to try local specialities or do you prefer international dishes when you are out and about?

I'll try anything! That's how I was raised. When I was little, my mom said to me: "You have to try everything to find out what you like or don't like". The food in Mauritius is super varied due to the cultural diversity and we also got to enjoy the Creole cuisine.

Another reason for your trip to Mauritius was a photo shoot. How can you imagine the daily routine of such a photo shoot?

For many it sounds quite relaxed, just take some nice photos and lie in the sun for the rest of the day, but in fact it's hard work for everyone involved. The production starts weeks in advance with the planning. Locations have to be found and booked, styling has to be arranged and organized. We photographed four editorials in two days, so everything really has to fit to get the workload done. We start early in the morning with hair styling and make-up so that we can take advantage of the best light in the morning. Then it's shoot, shoot, shoot all day long and, of course, change your make-up and clothes in a chord - until the sun is gone. Then you're really exhausted in the evening and happy when you're lying in bed.

14. do you also have time to discover cultural treasures during your travels?

Mostly I'm on the road for work and therefore the schedule is pretty packed. Since Mauritius is not just around the corner, we have added two days and used the time to explore the island at least a little.

15. why don't you tell us a little bit about your holiday? What was your most curious holiday experience? What makes it so unforgettable for you?

I think every holiday should be unforgettable. We are always on the road with quite a lot of people, there is always something happening. It starts with the check-in with 100 suitcases and ends with the stolen cell phone, which you then have to buy back from the thief. Basically, it's always fun with my loved ones and my family, but also with my team when I'm traveling for work. I also regularly keep my community updated on Instagram. You're really close to it and in the middle of it.

16) Who would you like to sit next to on an airplane and what impresses you most about that person?

Honestly, I like to sit next to people I love and can talk too! Everything else does not interest me.


Picture credits: Stefan Imielski; Hair & Make-up: Radojka Jurkovic; Styling: Stephan Kollaus

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