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Weekend Away: 5 things that should not be missing in any suitcase

The ultimate packing list for a vacation: even if we're only going away for the weekend, these 5 things should not be missing from any travel suitcase. Plus: with this suitcase from Victorinox we roll into every short trip in 2022 relaxed- raffle included!

June 10, 2022

Summer is here - and with it the time of the extended weekends. These beg to be used! We pack our bathing suits and fly to Dubrovnik, Saint-Tropez or Valencia. If you are looking for art, culture and culinary delights, you can visit Paris the early summer temperatures are ideal for a city trip! Five things should definitely end up in your suitcase - preferably our trolley tip from Victorinox - on your next weekend trip.

Best of Baggage: Rely on the right suitcase

They see me rollin': When the road to the long weekend leads to the most beautiful coasts and the greatest cities in Europe. © Victorinox

Before we set off on our travels, we need to find the perfect suitcase. Anyone who has already dealt with the subject a little knows that the right model needs to be chosen well. Fabric suitcases quickly look battered, and the wheels of low-quality trolleys tend to jam. The favourite from the editorial team - for short and longer trips - is the new trolley collection from Victorinox.

With this one, the sustainable company makes a stylish statement. The Spectra 3.0 impresses not only with iconic design and stability, the line is also made of recycled polycarbonate. The inner lining with SILVADURTM technology remains antibacterial for a particularly long time, the clever design with spring construction allows extended storage space in the cases. Top!

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Sustainable good cases: the Spectra 3.0 Expandable Frequent Flyer Carry-on and the Expandable Frequent Flyer Plus Carry-on. © Victorinox

These 5 things should not be missing in any suitcase

1. sunscreen

We can only say it again and again: put on sunscreen, put on sunscreen, put on sunscreen! We won't leave home without sunscreen this summer, whether we're planning a beach vacation or a city trip. The rule is: SPF 30 for city travellers, SPF 50 for beach trips - and always let it soak in a little before applying makeup or sunbathing.

Waterproof sunscreen protects our skin even when we jump in the pool. © Stanley Dai

2. power bank

A camera, a map and a paper airline ticket were yesterday's items - today, we use our smartphones to snap, guide and organize our way around the world. So that the battery does not fail in the midst of the most beautiful sights, lost in the maze of alleys or at the airport, when we have to show our boarding pass, we should always have a small power bank at hand. Better safe than sorry!

Small and handy: the powerbank takes up hardly any space, but can be a lifesaver. © Shutterstock

3. refreshing wipes

In summer, they are an absolute must in your suitcase or handbag: moist wipes ensure that we look a little fresher after our flight. Refreshing wipes are also ideal for washing hands, shining shoes or cleaning the suitcase, which tends to get streaks during travel. 

4. travel pharmacy

Even if you're only travelling for three days? Yes! If you have allergies, you should definitely pack your tablets, but you should also always have essentials like headache tablets, blister plasters, healing ointment or bug spray with you. They can straighten out a vacation that is going wrong very quickly. Without having to search for the right medication in a pharmacy. 

A few Band-Aids, headache pills and bug spray for beach vacations should be in every summer travel kit. © Shutterstock

5. a second pair of shoes

Even for short trips, the rule is to have two pairs of shoes with you, one casual-comfortable for sightseeing or light hiking, the other elegant-universal for upscale ambience or going out. Because even if you didn't plan to go out to eat at a fancy restaurant or leave the city and take that coastal walk with a sea view, it's good to keep all your options open. By the way, the Spectra 3.0's innovative, solid expansion system allows up to 40 % more storage volume in the suitcase. So if you get lost in a pair of fancy boots on a short trip to Paris, you can easily stow them away.

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