The Magic of Al-Ula

The Incense Trade Route, one of the oldest trade routes in the world, once ran through the Saudi Arabian oasis. Even today, fascinating rock tombs bear witness to its rich history. These have recently been joined by architectural masterpieces, exclusive resorts and a top-class entertainment program. And best of all: Al-Ula is still an insider tip.


Are These the Best Travel Destinations in January 2024?

From a winter ski destination to a hotspot for fans of warmer climes: Why these five destinations guarantee maximum vacation enjoyment in January 2024.

Are These the 5 Best Ski Resorts in the World?

With the Ski Resort Score the team behind the Blacks Outdoors brand has determined the best ski resorts in the world. Here are the top 5.

Are These the Best Christmas Markets in London?

London is known for its beautiful Christmas lights. But in the run-up to Christmas the Thames metropolis is not only known for its lights. Here are the most beautiful Christmas markets in London.

Are These the Best Travel Destinations in December 2023?

Whether you are a winter fan or prefer sun, sand and sea, the ideal destinations in December 2023 are characterized by many advantages.

Sterrekopje: The Healing Farm

The path to self-healing isn't always easy, but it can be more enriching than one would ever have dared to dream. On Sterrekopje, a South African farm run by two Dutch women, you don't just find yourself, but grow beyond yourself in unexpected ways.


Are These the Most Beautiful Boutique Hotels on the Ski Slopes in Europe?

Real winter sports fans appreciate boutique hotels on the ski slopes. Because they combine luxury, privacy and make it possible to leave the first tracks in the snow in the morning and the last ones in the evening.

Small, Fine and New: Luxury Boutique Hotels that Must be on the Bucket List for 2024

Fans of intimate and special hotels can rejoice. How new luxury boutique hotels will welcome travelers in 2024 and which special hotels will celebrate their opening.

Hotel Guide 2023: The 5 best hotels in Zermatt

This legendary ski resort has attracted the jet set to the Matterhorn for decades. These fantastic hotels have perfected the art of serving the glitterati.

4 amazing chalets in the mountains

Wintertime is for spending cozy hours by the fire – and the best place for that is in a chalet with that special alpine ambiance.

The Best Apartments for a Self-Catering Holiday

These self-catering apartments are perfect for those who value privacy on vacation and enjoy cooking their own meals.

Restaurants & Bars

These are the Best Addresses in Milan

The Italian metropolis is best known as a design and fashion center - but its hotels and restaurants also leave nothing to be desired.

Milan for Foodies

The northern Italian city is primarily known for fashion, design and as a financial metropolis - much less for the quality of its restaurants. Yet Milan's restaurant scene has never been as exciting as it is today.

This Alpine Chalet in New York is the Winter Hotspot of 2023

The legendary The Mark Hotel is opening an Alpine Chalet in New York this season, complete with a culinary concept by Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

These Gourmet Hotels Offer the Best Taste this Fall

If you need a gourmet break before winter sets in, you've come to the right place: Culinary delights are a top priority at these addresses.


When the foliage slowly turns colorful and the days become shorter, autumn is here – and with it, the season of culinary delights. Here are the top spots for exceptional fall cuisine.

city guides

So Enchanting: The Best Tips for Christmas in New York City

The city that never sleeps doesn't do so in the run-up to Christmas, of course. On the contrary, the Big Apple dresses up in a particularly festive outfit. What you shouldn't be missing around Christmas in New York!

Venice Film Festival 2023: These are the Hotspots!

It's already its 80th edition that the Venice Film Festival celebrates in 2023. From 30.8 to 9.9, the international jet set will then populate La Serenissima. But where are the hotspots? Here are 5 tips!

These are the summer hotspots in New York City

The Big Apple is always worth a trip. But if you're there now, don't miss these summer hotspots!

The Best Summer Hotspots in London 2023

The Thames City is always worth a visit - in winter as well as in summer, it 's lovely to come here. But especially in summer there are some summer hotspots in London that you should see!

Where History Meets Glamour: That's How Fascinating Budapest Is

A city full of contrasts, vibrant culture and the finest architecture: we reveal why the Hungarian capital Budapest should be at the top of your bucket list in 2023.


Deborah Hanekamp: Healer of the stars

Deborah Hanekamp, aka Mama Medicine, has been dubbed the fashion world's favorite healer by American Vogue magazine. We spoke to the New Yorker by choice about her methods and the power of nature.

David Higgins: Barbie and Ken's Fitness Trainer

A steely sixpack and perfect Barbie legs: David Higgins brought Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling into top form for the hit movie Barbie. His method also works outside Hollywood.

Why Mental Training is Trending Now

Mindfulness is the trend: Instead of forgetting the world around us, we want to reconnect with it. Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises not only help us to reduce stress, they also make us more creative and empathetic.

Achenseeschifffahrt: Experience the world of Whisky

The Achensee's famous cruise operator has taken a liking to Scotch: Once again, they invite one and all to join them for a "Whisky Cruise".

Are These the 5 Most Beautiful Cities for a Short Trip to England?

Great Britain is best known for London. But other destinations are also worthwhile for a short trip. Here are five of the most beautiful cities on the island.


Luxury on the High Seas - Three Magical Cruises for Your Bucket List

Whether an Antarctic expedition, a city trip on the Danube or the opulence of bygone times on the Seven Seas Grandeur - these cruises offer unforgettable experiences.

These Are the Most Beautiful Spa Hotels in Austria

Relaxation has always been a top priority in Austria - impeccable wellness programs and incomparable landscapes do their part. Here are the most beautiful spa hotels for a time-out.

Beauty Spas: These Are the Best Beauty Spa Addresses in 2023

To look younger and better without surgery - that's the promise of modern beauty spas. Here are the best addresses where you can return from a luxurious break both refreshed and more beautiful.

Medical Spas: These are the Best Addresses in 2023

Thanks to the latest scientific findings, medical spas can do more than ever before: From prevention to detox to anti-ageing procedures, many things are possible in a luxurious feel-good atmosphere.

Spa Etiquette: 5 Dos and Don'ts at the Spa

There are few places more relaxing than a spa - but not every visit is a success. We reveal how to best prepare for your treatments, what you should bear in mind and whether (or how much) tipping is expected as appreciation.


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