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"TO BEGIN... BEGIN!" - This power motto accompanied us with drive, creative ideas and lots of inspiration in the creation of the first Falstaff Travel Magazine.

With the largest lifestyle & gourmet community in the entire German-speaking region, Falstaff 2020 expands its constantly growing portfolio and becomes richer with Falstaff Travel by one of the most beautiful topics in the world - travel! Our mission: to inspire you, dear readers, in everything that makes (travel) life more beautiful, more stylish and even more worth living. It is both a great pleasure and an honour for us to take you on this adventure!

Breaking out of everyday life, experiencing the charm of the unfamiliar, feeling new places and feeling at home at the same time: It's always the moments in special places that stay in our memories. So that each of your future trips has the chance to be the most beautiful of your life, we have summarized the most exciting highlights & hotel recommendations for you in this first issue.

Falstaff Travel presents the most beautiful hotels, extraordinary destinations and exciting personalities from one of the most fascinating industries of our time. In addition to the ultimate HOT List 2020 with the most exclusive hotels & personal recommendations of our editorial team, we are pleased to share very special insider tips from our guest authors. We also reveal how hoteliers themselves like to spend their holidays and where you can reside in style even for less money!

In such a rapidly changing time as today, travel - apart from all its wonderful facets - means one thing above all: TIME. Time for yourself. Time for your loved ones. Time for ... whatever YOU want! It's a new kind of luxury we crave. And it's a luxury we think we should fully indulge in 2020. With this in mind, dedicate yourself to your very own Bucket List and let our recommendations in this issue inspire you. True to our travel motto "To begin .... BEGIN!"


Wolfgang Rosam
Publisher Falstaff
Managing Director Falstaff Travel

Nadine Tschiderer
Publisher Falstaff Travel

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