This Is What the Future of Sustainable Hospitality Looks Like

A dynasty to be reckoned with: Evan Kwee is the third generation to carry on his family's legacy, setting new standards for sustainability and natural luxury with innovative hotel projects like Patina Maldives.


The 7 Best Hacks for Booking a Flight

We reveal the best days for booking and explain what else travelers should be aware of for planning their next flight.

Trend Watch Sleep Tourism: A New Take on Dreamy Vacations

More (than) sleep: curated slumbers at hotels and resorts are gaining more and more traction. But what's behind the sleep tourism trend?

Trend Watch Dark Tourism: Traveling to the Dark Spots of History

Everyone likes to get a little spooked now and then, especially at the time around Halloween. But more and more people dedicate their vacations to destinations that send more than just a shiver down their spine.

Just Wow: Is this the most exclusive apartment in the world?

Located on New York's prestigious Billionaires Row in Manhattan, the world's highest residence is currently up for sale – for a whopping $250 million.

Trend Watch Biohacking: Paving the Way to a Better Life

Better health, youthful looks and higher productivity – biohacking is supposed to be the key to achieving the ideal self. In November, a festival in Ibiza will celebrate the practice.


Urban Wellness: The Best Spa Experiences in the Center of Vibrant Cities

Out of the woods and into the city: wellness is making its way into the world's urban centers. Hotel chains such as Aman, Six Senses and One&Only prove that there's definite demand for relaxing retreats in the midst of bustling cities.

Wellness Hotlist: 5 New Trends From Around the World

Some wellness concepts come and go, but these five innovative programs, treatments and retreats might have come to stay.

Trend Watch Shinrin-Yoku: The Japanese Practice of Forest Bathing

In Japan, immersing yourself in a lush green forest has been a popular practice for years – "Shinrin-Yoku" is even considered an official form of therapy. Now forest bathing is also finding its way into the wellness sector in the Western world.

Trend Watch: This is what aromatherapy 2.0 can do

For a long time now, aromatherapy has been more than just using essential oils for spa treatments: the age-old tradition is being further developed by finding new ways to help people gain an improved sense of well-being. This is aromatherapy 2.0.

Trend Watch Thalasso: The power of the sea

Immersed in the salty waters of the sea, with your skin covered in soothing algae or nourishing mud, experience the power of Thalasso, the spa movement that's becoming increasingly popular. We reveal what's behind the trend.


Trend Watch All-Inclusive Luxury: The Comeback of the Resort Vacation

Luxury and comfort instead of adventure and experiences - the all-inclusive luxury vacation is hot again! After two years of pandemic and an excess of stress, it is exactly this maximum of comfort that is currently incredibly in demand on vacation.

"The days of serving lobster are long gone".

They are the chefs of the most expensive and best ski hotel in the world: Christian Rescher and Markus Niederwanger. In the interview, the two talk about why the decadent decades are over, they talk guests out of a "loup de mer" and persuade them to have a mountain trout instead.

S.A.L.T.: Culinary delights on the high seas

Silversea Crusies guests embark on an authentic culinary journey around the world with the new S.A.L.T. concept.

Enjoyable autumn: 15 special addresses for a culinary time-out

The golden autumn is the ideal season for a culinary break. We introduce you to special hideaways where indulgence is guaranteed!

These signature drinks extend the summer

Summer makes a reappearance with these unique recipes from European hotel bars. Cheers!


THE LINE: Is Saudi Arabia Building the City of the Future?

The new mega city is expected to provide space for up to 9 million people, with no cars, roads or carbon monoxide emissions.

The Maldives are building a floating city to be completed by 2027

The mega-project aims to provide a new home for more than 20,000 people just 10 minutes by boat from Malé. Non-locals will be welcome as well.

Flying without emissions: The future of aviation is here!

In 2024, Eviation plans to launch Alice, an electric aircraft that will transport passengers and cargo in a battery-powered, low-noise, low-cost and zero-emission manner.

Sustainable travel: Palau rewards environmentally conscious tourists

The Pacific island republic of Palau offers travelers rewards for environmentally conscious behavior via a bonus app – and exclusive access to places otherwise inaccessible to tourists.

Creative Curiosity: A Portrait of Bill Bensley

He has furnished luxury establishments, such as those of Four Seasons and Rosewood, and won numerous architectural awards. But for Bill Bensley, these laurels are more motivation to reach new heights than a comfortable resting place.


Smart Travels: The Best Gadgets for Your Next Trip

From bikinis that alert you to reapply sunscreen and phone-powered insect sticks to high-tech luggage: these gadgets are smart companions for your next vacation.

Carmensita: The most stylish summer dresses of the year

Traveling the world in Austrian apparel: there's nothing quite like taking your new favorite dress on vacation. Carmensita's sustainable and limited collection is the fashion must-have of the season.

Masterminds: Experimental Group

These four men are the brains behind one of Europe's trendiest hospitality brands. They set the tone for cocktail bars, mix in restaurants and garnish the result with extravagant hotels.

eye catcher

5 extraordinary luxury hotels with a design claim

These are the places with the most beautiful bathtubs in the world

Bathing dreams come true in these oases of tranquillity


Travel Must-Haves: Aman Essentials presents its first leather collection

In addition to a select homeware collection, Aman Essentials has released its first exclusive line of leather accessories.

Trend Watch: Mobile luggage service

Luggit's luggage service enables a "carefree" departure in the truest sense of the word - and vacation enjoyment right to the end.

Editor’s Choice: The Best Fashion, Beauty and Accessories for Long Distance Travel

Our editorial team picks the season's must-have fashion, the best skin care and handy gadgets for your trip to far away destinations.

Weekend Away: 5 things that should not be missing in any suitcase

The ultimate packing list for a vacation: even if we're only going away for the weekend, these 5 things should not be missing from any travel suitcase. Plus: with this suitcase from Victorinox we roll into every short trip in 2022 relaxed- raffle included!

Editor's Choice: Best of Fashion, Beauty and Gadgets for the Short Trip

The Falstaff TRAVEL editorial team has decided: from fashion to gadgets to beauty, these are the absolute must-haves for your next short trip.


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