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Summer 2021 issue

The most beautiful hotels, the best beaches, island hopping in Greece and city popping in Europe's most exciting cities - Falstaff TRAVEL magazine presents the best tips for the long-awaited travel comeback in 2021!

The tourism expert: Jürg Schmid

Travel is a basic human need. Trend researcher and tourism expert Jürg Schmid is convinced of this. In this interview, he talks about the future of travel.


Chill appeal

Addicted to the extreme: Helsinki in Patagonia, husky tours in Finland, sleeping in an igloo or diving into an ice-cold glacier lake. What drives us to leave our comfort zone for the freezing cold?

Antarctica adventure

Rugged landscapes, imposing icebergs and wildlife: Antarctica is the epitome of adventure. Silversea Cruises breathes luxury into this special place.

How to Ski!

When ski beginners plough their first tracks into the snow and curve fans powder through the deep snow, they often have a ski instructor by their side. A lot has changed since the first ski school was founded. PLUS: The ultimate ski school check.

Cheval Blanc: The art of emotion

If luxury were a place, Cheval Blanc would need its own league - because only a few hotel collections manage to charm their guests in a similar way. The brand's fifth hotel is no exception: only recently opened, the "Cheval Blanc Paris" is already setting new standards.

The solo trip

Solo travel is booming and Corona has intensified this trend. Women in particular want to enjoy the freedom to spontaneously decide what they feel like doing.


The journey to yourself

The pandemic has set something in motion that was already apparent beforehand: self-perception has changed. Wellness has taken on a new importance in this context, and beauty has been traded in for charisma. Wellbeing and happiness are the mantra of the hour.

Best of Spa Brands

Especially in winter our body needs a good care ritual. With these brands only the best comes on the skin!

Best of Medical Spa

They operate at the highest level: modern medical spas are more in demand than ever. Holistic approaches and the highest standards characterize these private clinics - which oscillate between fountain of youth and oracle of the future. They heal and prevent.

The Chenot Method

The fact that today people are getting older than in the past is undisputed. However, health pope Henri Chenot was convinced that age does not necessarily have to go hand in hand with aging and developed a special method against it. The Chenot method combines science and wellness.

Taking time out: the history of wellness

Spas have a long tradition. A report, plus guideline of the best "Spa Towns of Europe".


S.A.L.T.: Culinary delights on the high seas

Silversea Crusies guests embark on an authentic culinary journey around the world with the new S.A.L.T. concept.

Enjoyable autumn: 15 special addresses for a culinary time-out

The golden autumn is the ideal season for a culinary break. We introduce you to special hideaways where indulgence is guaranteed!

These signature drinks extend the summer

Summer makes a reappearance with these unique recipes from European hotel bars. Cheers!

Must-visit culinary hotspots in Italy

From Liguria to Campania and Puglia: Italy is the perfect place for all kinds of gourmets!

These are the most beautiful breakfast spots in the world

Picturesque locations for breakfast around the globe: from the Maldives to Aruba!


The visionary: Claus Sendlinger

Travel expert, mastermind and founder of Design Hotels Claus Sendlinger in a Falstaff TRAVEL interview about the future of the tourism industry.

City breaks in the neighbouring country: Seven autumn destinations in Germany

Summer feels a long way off and the longing for relaxation is great. With a trip to Germany, the holiday feeling can be brought back again.

Natural, Uncompromising, Sustainable

Ursula Kaufmann, founder of "Valentina & Philippa", also presents herself in the same way as her skincare line.

Royal River Luxury Hotel: Conscious commitment to sustainability

Luxury hotel is supplied with renewable energy.

These eco-initiatives make our cities more climate-friendly

From inner-city farming to edible exteriors.


eye catcher

5 extraordinary luxury hotels with a design claim

These are the places with the most beautiful bathtubs in the world

Bathing dreams come true in these oases of tranquillity

The most beautiful fireplaces of the luxury hotels

A selection that makes our Christmas hearts beat faster

Hotel experiences for individualists

South Tyrol's most beautiful boutique hotels


Well-dressed on the slopes!

It's all in the mix: modern high-tech materials meet knitwear, flannel and leather. Nostalgia is trendy in the snow.

Beauty on the Slopes

Real skiing pleasure starts with sun care and ends with the right supplements. Fortunately, the choice is getting bigger and bigger.

The best gadgets for the ski season!

This winter smart gadgets score points with innovative technology that makes everyday life easier, while also impressing with their look and feel. These gadgets should be on your next shopping list!

We're going to Ibiza! The most beautiful hotels and hotspots of the island

Summer, sun, beach and sea: Ibiza is more than a destination - it's a lifestyle! Which premium hotels and feel-good activities are currently setting the tone on the island, we present in our hot list.

Sunny home office in Mallorca

The new workplace in the Spanish finca

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