Editor's Choice: Roman romance at the Hotel Vilòn

The unique "Hotel & Palazzo Vilòn" might be the most stunning and luxurious hideaway in the illustrious Italian capital.


Quiet Luxury: Exclusivity and Understatement

Wellness in the Maldives, skiing in the Alps or a luxury vacation in a five-star hotel? That's far too ordinary! The travel elite rely on absolute discretion, secret villas and secluded properties that are not so easy to reach.

Trendwatch: Art Retreats

Can art really heal? According to art therapy providers: yes! At the very least, creating art can help reduce stress.

Welcome to 2024: These Are the Trending Travel Destinations of the New Year

From culinary highlights in the Basque Country to exciting Asian cities, the coming year promises unforgettable adventures near and far. We present the trending travel destinations.

Why We Want to Go on Horseback Safari in Namibia Now

A horseback safari is not only the most exciting way to explore African wildlife. It's also the most sustainable.

Trend Watch Van Life: Vacation in a Motorhome

#vanlife: why we travel by motorhome again now.


Longevity Wellness Trend: Live Better, Longer, and More Beautifully

Longevity is not just a question of age; it's also about the number of healthy years you have. To increase this is the declared aim of longevity programs.

Detox Myth - From Fasting to Autophagy

Fasting has a long tradition to give the stressed body a fresh start. Nevertheless, there are many myths that are no longer true: A modern detox is much more than simply eating as little as possible - autophagy helps the cells to regenerate.

Transformative Retreats: Traveling Into your Inner Self

The journey is the destination: More and more luxury resorts are offering spiritual experiences that make it clear to guests how important it is to live in harmony with themselves and the environment. As a bonus, they also give those seeking meaning practical tools to be more mindful at home.

Bootcamps - Challenge Accepted

Pushing your body to the limit, to the point of total exhaustion, on vacation? Luxury boot camps are all the rage now, and not just because you work up a real sweat: Training in a group is motivating, eating together consciously brings people together - and the results are impressive too.

Aman: Bootcamp For Your Inner Peace?

The search for inner peace and tranquility is probably known to most people. Aman's Journey to Peace retreats are designed to support this.


With Effortless Elegance: Cipriani

They invented Bellini and Carpaccio and entertained celebrities such as Charlie Chaplin and Ernest Hemingway: The secret of the Cipriani dynasty is intangible, but you can feel it. And although it's difficult to patent this spirit, no one has managed to copy the legend in the company's 90-year history.

Are Culinary Retreats the Latest Vacation Trend?

Cooking is meaningful, healthy and unifying. It's no wonder that culinary retreats are trending and are becoming increasingly popular.

Trend Watch Sober Bars: Alcohol-Free Evenings Are Booming

A cocktail evening without alcohol? What may sound sobering at first is a trend that has long since conquered major cities - and the palates - of this world.

Trend Watch All-Inclusive Luxury: The Comeback of the Resort Vacation

Luxury and comfort instead of adventure and experiences - the all-inclusive luxury vacation is hot again! After two years of pandemic and an excess of stress, it is exactly this maximum of comfort that is currently incredibly in demand on vacation.

"The days of serving lobster are long gone".

They are the chefs of the most expensive and best ski hotel in the world: Christian Rescher and Markus Niederwanger. In the interview, the two talk about why the decadent decades are over, they talk guests out of a "loup de mer" and persuade them to have a mountain trout instead.


Will These Trends Determine How We Travel in 2024?

The way we travel is constantly changing. But what are the travel trends of 2024? How and where are we going to travel in the future?

Sustainability: Travel Without Regrets

The whole world is concerned about the future of the planet - and the travel industry is sometimes under fire. However, pioneering hotels and resorts are proving that travel can also be part of the solution to leaving a better world for future generations.

This Is What the Future of Sustainable Hospitality Looks Like

A dynasty to be reckoned with: Evan Kwee is the third generation to carry on his family's legacy, setting new standards for sustainability and natural luxury with innovative hotel projects like Patina Maldives.

THE LINE: Is Saudi Arabia Building the City of the Future?

The new mega city is expected to provide space for up to 9 million people, with no cars, roads or carbon monoxide emissions.

The Maldives are building a floating city to be completed by 2027

The mega-project aims to provide a new home for more than 20,000 people just 10 minutes by boat from Malé. Non-locals will be welcome as well.


Ask a Hotelier: Dina De luca Chartouni

When the creative director of the New York boutique hotel The Lowell - and fiancée of Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer - is not commuting between the US East Coast and London, she is enjoying the sweet life in Italy or looking for unique adventures in remote places such as Antarctica.

This is Why We Love Urban Resorts

Fascinating city trip or relaxed resort vacation? One doesn't have to exclude the other. If you can't decide between stimulation and relaxation, simply combine the two. These hotels offer vacation feeling in the middle of the metropolis.

That's why French Style is in now

When it comes to couture, cuisine, lifestyle, and taste, we’ve always looked to France. But besides its accomplishments in those areas, La Grande Nation has also produced a new generation of hotel designers who will shape the aesthetic of luxury lodgings for many years to come.

The Giant Hype Around the Chalet

Chalets are a luxurious way to travel back in time and still not give up any comfort. Not only since the pandemic but even earlier, traditional wooden houses in the mountains, where you can leave the hustle and bustle of the world behind, have been booming.


Soho House: Long live the creative spirit

What began almost 30 years ago as a members' club for creative minds in London has become nothing short of a global phenomenon. With a simple concept, a penchant for exclusivity, and a keen eye for outstanding design, the international brand is now the epitome of coolness and joie de vivre.

Travel Hacks: 5 Tricks for the Perfectly Packed Suitcase

Whether it's a burrito roll or a pill box: these five simple tricks help to pack carry-on luggage even more efficiently.

Trend Watch: Hairspa

Rossano Ferretti is considered the mastermind of an entire industry. Stars like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lawrence vie for an appointment with the Italian coiffeur. We reveal what all the hype is about.

These Are the Most Exclusive Airlines In the World

From private suites to excellent cuisine and luxurious beauty products, the most exclusive airlines on this list leave nothing to be desired.

Travel Must-Haves: Aman Essentials presents its first leather collection

In addition to a select homeware collection, Aman Essentials has released its first exclusive line of leather accessories.

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