Editor’s Choice: Best of Fashion, Beauty und Gadgets für die Fernreise

Die Falstaff TRAVEL Redaktion hat entschieden: Von Mode über Gadgets bis hin zu Beauty, das sind die absoluten Must-haves für die nächste Fernreise.


Trend Watch: Reisen mit Travel Concierges

Maßgeschneiderte Trips, einzigartige Erlebnisse und Touren abseits des Mainstreams: Travel Concierges machen den Traum vom Individualurlaub wahr.

Train travel: These are the most beautiful routes

From Delhi to Varanasi, London to Bath and Paris to Istanbul, these train journeys score points for luxury and great views.

Luxury on rails

While the landscape of the Andes, southern Africa or eastern Europe slowly passes by outside, the final arrival, the actual destination, becomes a secondary matter - because on board the world's most exclusive trains, you experience what it means when the journey is the destination.

No Limits: Travel with an adrenaline kick

Whether in a hot air balloon, with sharks in the sea or on a swing above the jungle: adrenaline kicks - which, by the way, can be booked from the comfort of your sofa - make every trip an unforgettable experience. Those who overcome their inner sloth will be rewarded with boundless adventures.

Star Alliance Biometrics: Facial scan instead of boarding pass

In the future, people will be able to pass through security and board planes quickly and almost contactless. Star Alliance Biometrics is using facial recognition as an on-board tool.


Cruise with superstar Gwyneth Paltrow: Goop at Sea

Celebrity Cruises is taking on Gwyneth Paltrow as a wellbeing consultant and is inviting the actress on a cruise in September.

OTIVM: The special art of pampering

With OTIVM, Silversea Cruises is taking relaxation and wellness to a new level. The exclusive wellness concept was inaugurated on the new Silver Dawn.

Trend Watch: Everything you need to know about Holistic Wellness

Body, mind, soul and emotions in harmony: Holistic Wellness treats people not as a mere sum of their parts, but in their entirety. A trend that does quite a bit of good. PLUS: our Top 5 Leading Retreats for Holistic Wellness.

From fasting to detox

The millennia-old tradition of therapeutic fasting and modern eating cultures away from the mainstream are enjoying increasing popularity today. As a counterpoint to the rapidly changing times, the gentle methods ground and at the same time offer deceleration. A 'best of' fasting and detox, plus the best hotels!

Best of Supplements

Everyday stress and an often unbalanced diet contribute to the body lacking important ingredients. Nutritional supplements are therefore very trendy among health-conscious travelers and provide the necessary boost and balance.


Trend Watch All-Inclusive Luxury: The Comeback of the Resort Vacation

Luxury and comfort instead of adventure and experiences - the all-inclusive luxury vacation is hot again! After two years of pandemic and an excess of stress, it is exactly this maximum of comfort that is currently incredibly in demand on vacation.

"The days of serving lobster are long gone".

They are the chefs of the most expensive and best ski hotel in the world: Christian Rescher and Markus Niederwanger. In the interview, the two talk about why the decadent decades are over, they talk guests out of a "loup de mer" and persuade them to have a mountain trout instead.

S.A.L.T.: Culinary delights on the high seas

Silversea Crusies guests embark on an authentic culinary journey around the world with the new S.A.L.T. concept.

Enjoyable autumn: 15 special addresses for a culinary time-out

The golden autumn is the ideal season for a culinary break. We introduce you to special hideaways where indulgence is guaranteed!

These signature drinks extend the summer

Summer makes a reappearance with these unique recipes from European hotel bars. Cheers!


Creative Curiosity: A Portrait of Bill Bensley

He has furnished luxury establishments, such as those of Four Seasons and Rosewood, and won numerous architectural awards. But for Bill Bensley, these laurels are more motivation to reach new heights than a comfortable resting place.

Best of Hightech: These are the most visionary hotels 2022

They are luxurious, sustainable and quite visionary: these hotels use the latest, best trends from the high-tech sector and also score points with fabulous design.

The Future is now

With virtual reality glasses into the Metaverse or rather into a real hotel that looks like it's from a science fiction movie? The future of travel will be massively changed by digitization - a great adventure that has already begun.

Trend Watch Slow Travel: Experiencing the world instead of just seeing it

Slow Travel takes us back to the roots of travel: it's the subtle difference of not merely having seen a place, but having experienced it.

The visionary: Claus Sendlinger

Travel expert, mastermind and founder of Design Hotels Claus Sendlinger in a Falstaff TRAVEL interview about the future of the tourism industry.


Masterminds: Experimental Group

The four men you could easily mistake for a rock band are the brains behind one of Europe's trendiest hospitality brands. They set the tone for cocktail bars, mix in restaurants, and garnish the result with extravagant hotels - and the symphony called Experimental Group is complete.

eye catcher

5 extraordinary luxury hotels with a design claim

These are the places with the most beautiful bathtubs in the world

Bathing dreams come true in these oases of tranquillity

The most beautiful fireplaces of the luxury hotels

A selection that makes our Christmas hearts beat faster


Weekend Away: 5 things that should not be missing in any suitcase

The ultimate packing list for a vacation: even if we're only going away for the weekend, these 5 things should not be missing from any travel suitcase. Plus: with this suitcase from Victorinox we roll into every short trip in 2022 relaxed- raffle included!

Editor's Choice: Best of Fashion, Beauty and Gadgets for the Short Trip

The Falstaff TRAVEL editorial team has decided: from fashion to gadgets to beauty, these are the absolute must-haves for your next short trip.

Trend Watch Private Villa: A house for you alone

This is how you vacation with maximum social distancing, privacy and above all undivided luxury.

4 City Trips for Fashion Lovers, from Vintage to Couture

It doesn't always have to be Paris, Milan, London or New York - these 4 cities make the hearts of fashion lovers beat faster.

Joachim Pötschger: His word carries weight

Personal trainer Joachim "Jopo" Pötschger in the Falstaff TRAVEL interview about superstars as clients, mountains and training methods.

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