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Best of Outdoor Natural Hot Springs

Few natural phenomena are as relaxing and impressive at the same time: If hot springs are not robbed of their originality, one can hope for special experiences in them - positive health aspects included.

21 January 2022

Air Panas Banjar

Bali, Indonesia

A wellness oasis in tropical greenery, embedded in a picturesque temple complex: The springs of Air Panas Banjar could not be more beautifully situated! It is hardly surprising, then, that they are considered a special attraction on Bali, which enjoys great popularity not only among tourists. The only downer is that the sulfurous water is very cloudy - but especially good for sensitive skin. However, due to the numerous springs, the pools are always supplied with fresh water.




Thermal springs, whose water below the city gave rise to the white limestone terraces. Today, the city lies at the foot of a total of 17 natural pools, whose bizarre shapes not only form popular photo motifs, but also invite visitors to swim. However, this is not allowed at present, because the once snow-white terraces have discolored due to the rush of visitors. However, the highly calcareous water runs steadily down over the trough-shaped basins and slowly bathes the natural wonder in its former glory again.


Goldbug Hot Springs

Idaho, USA

In the fairy-tale landscape around the town of Salmon in eastern Idaho, not far from Yellowstone National Park, you need to be somewhat athletic. If you want to reach the Goldbug Hot Springs, for example, you first have to climb about 500 meters in altitude. Once there, however, you will not only be rewarded with a breathtaking view down the valley, but also with wonderfully warm springs. The natural pools even form picturesque waterfalls. These picturesque scenes are only disturbed by a stream of tourists during the high season. For outdoor freaks and adventure lovers, it is therefore recommended to simply pitch your tent there for one night. Conclusion: Wildly romantic!


the blue lagoon


It may not be of natural origin, but it still enjoys great popularity: the Blue Lagoon in Iceland is one of the country's biggest attractions, quite literally. The thermal bath is more than 5000 m2, as well as its own spa, hotel and bar in the water. However, visitors especially appreciate the healing effects, the perfect temperatures of 38 to 39 degrees, and the milky color, which helped the lagoon earn the title of "Natural Wonder of the World."


Tabacon, Arenal

Costa Rica

Hot springs are not necessarily associated with lush jungle splendor, but in this place the two scenarios merge perfectly. This is mainly due to the fact that the highly mineral water from volcanic springs is not only relaxing, but above all invigorating. Costa Rica offers its visitors various hot springs, but those at the foot of the Arenal Volcano are among the most popular. However, some caution is advised during a visit: The volcano is considered the most active in the country.


This article appeared in the Falstaff TRAVEL issue SPA Special 2021.

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