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The 5 most impressive mountain biking trails

Mountain biking can be an uphill struggle, but the downhill adrenaline rush makes it all worthwhile. A great way to get off the beaten track. We present the most impressive mountain biking trails of the summer. Plus: our favorite e-bikes.

August 7, 2022

Sometimes you come home looking like you’ve been in a mud fight. Mountain biking in all weathers isn’t a pursuit for the fainthearted. It’s not just about riding up hill and down dale; there are plenty of puddles and streams to negotiate too. The unpredictabil- ity of the terrain is a constant challenge. So, while you’re pedalling along taking in the scenery, you’re also giving your body and mind a strenuous workout. There is now a wide range of mountain bike products and services on offer – like handy e-bikes that help out when you get tired or propel you up those steep climbs, and bike parks for every level of fitness. Zigzagging along right next to a steep mountain slope makes downhill riding a real adventure.

die imposantesten Bikerouten

Why don’t bikers stay on their seats? Because standing makes it easier to balance and absorb the shocks. © IDM South Tyrol-Alto Adige/Kirsten-J. Sörries

To prepare yourself for the physically demanding jumps and drops, experts recommend taking a lesson with a professional beforehand. They’ll explain why you shouldn’t stay on your seat but should stand on your pedals and bend your knees while at the same time pushing your hips forward slightly. Begin- ners often make the mistake of taking their feet off the pedals while going around curves. But remember: a mountain bike isn’t a motocross bike. You have less control and it’s easier to get stuck.

Taking a lesson with a professional is definitely a good idea. © Martin Bissig/www.bissig.ch

Code of ethics among bikers
Like skaters and surfers, the mountain biker community has its own code of ethics. This includes having respect for nature: you should not disturb animals and their young in the forest by speeding down unmarked paths. Incidentally, mountain biking was invented in California. In the 1970s, many people still used racing bikes with very narrow tires, but a few more adventurous enthusiasts decided to build a more robust bike. The first real mountain bike was produced in 1977 with thick tires and a completely new type of frame. Just ten years later, these mountain bikes had become accepted throughout Europe. And they were here to stay.

The most impressive trails


die imposantesten Bikerouten

Not for the faint of heart – the Frommestrail. © Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis Marketing GmbH/Stefan Falkeis

Starting point: Fisser Joch (Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis)
Duration: 3 hours
Distance: 19.5 kilometers
Suitable for: Bikers with good physical condition
Highlight: signature trail in an alpine setting with beautiful views. Includes difficult technical sections for the more adventurous.


E-bikes make the ride uphill easier, so you can really enjoy the way down. © Martin Bissig/www.bissig.ch

Entrance: Jakobshorn near Davos
Duration: 4.5 hours
Distance: 40.1 kilometers
Grade: difficult
Suitable for: experienced (e-)mountain bikers
Highlight: designated an IMBA Epic Trail and thus one of the best in the world. With a spectacular downhill ride.


die imposantesten Bikerouten

What could be better than enjoying the beauty of nature while engaging in your favorite pastime? © Klemens König

Entry: center of Leogang (Saalfelden-Leogang)
Duration: 3 hours
Distance: 16.4 kilometers
Grade: difficult
Highlight: unspoiled, varied single trail with fantastic views of the Leogang Mountains, the Steinernes Meer and the Hochkönig.


In summer, this route with its picturesque panorama is particularly inspiring. © IDM South Tyrol-Alto Adige/Helmuth Rier

Starting point: Prato Allo Stelvio
Duration: 6 hours
Distance: 62.9 kilometers
Suitable for: mountain bikers with good fitness
Highlight: highest mountain pass in Italy with views of imposing mountains including the glacier-capped Ortler and its secondary peaks.


die imposantesten Bikerouten

The unique rock formations are truly admirable. © Shutterstock

Entry: Blankenburg (East Harz)
Duration: 5 hours
Distance: 48.9 kilometers
Grade: intermediate
Suitable for: beginners as well as more experienced mountain biker
Highlight: varied terrain through forest and meadows with some fascinating points of interest along the unique rock formation known as the Teufelsmauer (Devil’s Wall).

On the go in contemporary style

Hop on an e-bike, head out into nature or to your next appointment: that's modern mobility. What cyclists need for everyday journeys or sporting challenges are power and reliability – environmental protection and freedom included.


This year, the QiO was awarded the Design & Innovation Award. © QiO

Perfect for the city and on vacation: the QiO EINS P5 offers the maximum experience with a minimum of space. The compact e-bike scores with its easy handling and is made for short distances, but will weather long trips just as well.

Award winning look
The QiO EINS P-5 took home the Design & Innovation Award 2022 and won in the "Urban" category. The jury's reasoning: contemporary style and best handling on all levels.

For bikers of all sizes
Thanks to simple height adjustment of the saddle and the handlebars, the bike is quickly adjusted to fit each person's height, starting at 1.60 meters. Its robust build also guarantees longevity and safety.

Ready for everything
From backpacks to laptop bags, the QiO fits whatever you need on the go. It's made for leaving the car behind and hitting the pedals. Its components can be individually combined.


A faithful companion for any terrain: the eAdventure from Victoria. © Victoria

From shopping to extended bike tours over hill and dale: Victoria eAdventure 11.9 bikes are reliable companions on all terrains – their state of the art technology ensures stunning adventures.

Uncomplicated all-rounder
Comfort and suitability on roads, trails and off-road are a matter of course for the new Victoria eAdventure 11.9. Robust and comfortable, the e-bike is the ideal companion for every day and every occasion.

Reliable and strong
Power and endurance? Its powerful Bosch performance motor, together with the 625 Wh PowerTube battery, ensures you'll go the distance. Enjoy a carefree ride, thanks to its belt drive and Shimano five-speed shift. Our verdict: low-maintenance durability.

E-Bike Superstar
The traditional brand from Germany makes robust everyday bikes that master every path with ease. The concept is suitable for everyone – from pleasure cyclists to athletes and those who want to run their errands in a modern way.

Text: Karin Cerny, Katharina Florian and Michaela Hessenberger

This article appeared in the Falstaff TRAVEL issue Summer 2022.

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