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Ultimate Mental Retreat Hotspot at Lake Constance!

All roads lead to the I: In the MentalSpa of Thomas Fritsch and his wife Diana, located on the idyllic Pfänder mountain above Lake Constance, you learn to find yourself and a healthy lifestyle. The ways to get there are playful.

1 February 2022

There are many reasons to visit the Hotel Fritsch am Berg. On the one hand, there is the fantastic location on the Pfänder, the local mountain of Bregenz, which allows a view over the border triangle of Germany/Austria/Switzerland and Lake Constance, or the fantastic cuisine of Franz Fritsch, which seduces with regional and seasonal delicacies. Above all, however, you will find an oasis of peace and tranquility here - the natural conditions of the surroundings and the epicurean setting support what hotelier's wife Diana Sicher-Fritsch initiated a few years ago and has since worked out into a trend-setting model in the entire spa landscape: a time-out island with unique treatments and therapies that enable guests to make lasting changes in lifestyle habits.

"There is a connection between landscape and emotions, but it is the unique combination of the place, the environment, the advice and the food that gives our guests a basis for opening up here," Diana Sicher-Fritsch explains in conversation, referring to her concept, which includes individual methods for getting fit for everyday life - true to her motto: "Wellness goes hand in hand with body and emotions. We offer here the possibility of acquiring knowledge over healthy Lebensführung. Mental wellness is designed to help people cope better with everyday life." Above all, it's about a change in perspective that reverberates in jobs and lifestyles. For example, stress resilience and regenerative capacity are measured using medical biofeedback measurements. As a result, the guest learns during the training to actively and without aids positively change his vital functions and can thus find out his individually most effective relaxation method. Coaching appointments are supplemented by individually tailored spa treatments, breathing training is paired with education: "The mind must not fall by the wayside at a time when you are doing something for your body," emphasizes Sicher-Fritsch.

Simply genuine - the family-run hotel convinces thanks to Thomas Fritsch and his wife Diana with authenticity and genuine cordiality. ©Riedmann Photography


Thus, the concept of the MentalSpa offers not only a protected space for guests to find themselves again, but also a wealth of knowledge that is unparalleled. All offers have a holistic added value for the guests, which they can immediately query - such as forest bathing, which can be indulged in the hotel's own forest, of course: The blood pressure-lowering effect is proven. Here evenly everything is scientifically supported - Mrs. safe Fritsch, which is diplomierte life and management consultant, knows no half things. Thus she always pursues also intensively basic research and has now also a master thesis to the topic Mental Wellness; soon also a book will appear in addition. Nevertheless, none of this is technical; joy and pleasure are never neglected here. Only: You have to convince yourself of this personally. Absolutely.

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Future plans

Starting in the fall, health chalets will also be available, adding another aspect to the interior's usual luxurious standards: special features for keeping healthy will be available here.

Two apps in the Play Store complement the program and can also be used at home: The wellness personality test makes it possible to assess oneself in a playful way. Questions such as "What do I need for balance?" are answered here. The wellness beings are divided into the types forest, meadow, mountain and lake. The communication type test complements the existing offering.

Tip: the burnout prevention program as well as the "After Covid" arrangements, which are offered here, are unique. Mental arrangements from € 730, - per person.


Arrangement tips:


Pausing, coping with experiences (BERG)

Target group: People who want to cope with experiences
Content: Psychological counseling to let the soul indulge, be able to let go of heavy things, find time and peace to process what you have experienced.
Benefit: Being able to look ahead
Duration: 7 days

Many experiences and events have come crashing down on us in the past year. It is good to be allowed to stop, to pause and to process what we have experienced. Time to let the soul recover. To become ready for the new. Your arrangement "coping" gives you time and space to find time for yourself. We accompany you in processing in this process.


"Mastering life anew"

Being able to deal with what is there (SEE)

Target group: people with long covid symptoms
Content: health promoting measures such as breathing techniques, sleep coaching,
                              Concentration training, lifestyle change, enjoyment of exercise.
Benefit: Mastering life with the disease
Duration: 14 days

Long-COVID diseases can influence and even affect the whole life. We at Fritsch am Berg mentally accompany the medical treatment of your doctor. You will learn to improve your mental handling of stress and to distance yourself. With the help of med. biofeedback training you train to increase your mental and physical resilience. Wellness activities and treatments have a positive effect on the immune system. Your arrangement "Mastering life in a new way" specifically supports people with Long-COVID, with individual, health-promoting measures, after medical consultation.


"Finding your way back"

Finding your own way again with a change of perspective (WALD)

Target group: People in a phase of change, professional / private / personal
Content: Analyze situation, define goals, make decisions
Benefit: Leave confusion and chaos behind to find the way again
Duration: 7 days

Suddenly everything was different. And even more, "Is this what I want?" This time brought many things to light and gives us the opportunity to pause for a moment and question some things. This can best be done in company, in a place of retreat that allows a change of perspective. Your arrangement "finding your way back" supports you in reflecting and reorienting your areas of life.


"Living Freedom"

Leave the cocoon and feel freedom (WIESE)

Target group: People who have a longing for the joy of living in freedom
Content: Strengthen the feeling of freedom, experience joy, increase mindfulness
Benefit: Feel the joy of life again and enjoy freedom
Duration: 14 days

Tight and rigid was the corset in which we spent so much time. Now it's time to feel the freedom again. To perceive it mindfully and to set out to explore life anew with all its possibilities. Your arrangement "Living Freedom" supports your feeling of freedom and lets you feel the joy of life again.

Mental Spa Resort Fritsch am Berg****,
Buchenberg 10, 6911 Lochau am Bodensee, Austria
T: +43 5574 43029

This article appeared in the Falstaff TRAVEL issue Summer 2021.

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