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Do you have the fluffiest doughnuts in Austria here?

Carnival without doughnuts is like a birthday without a cake: you can do it, but you don't have to!

February 9, 2023

A doughnut in: VIENNA

The bakery of the man

Federal state winner from
different branches across Vienna

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Despite the state-of-the-art technology in the bakery, DER MANN bakery prefers to fine-tune its sweet temptations and traditional baked goods by hand. And because the smell of freshly baked delicacies is simply irresistible and freshness always wins, each branch is equipped with its own oven. According to Falstaff voting for the year 2023, DER MANN bakery may is the state winner of Vienna's fluffiest and most popular doughnuts.

A doughnut in: Lower Austria

The bakery Geier

Federal state winner from
different branches across Vienna & Lower Austria

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The Geier bakery and confectionery has been living and breathing Weinviertel bread culture since 1902 and bakes exclusively using their own recipes. Knowing that the most important ingredients are time and patience, the doughs are allowed to take their time rising in the bakery - which results in fluffy doughnuts during carnival season. 

A doughnut in: Burgenland

Chaplain at the spa park

Federal state winner from
Kirchenstraße 8, 7431 Bad Tatzmannsdorf, Austria

The sweet specialties from Kaplan are excellent little treats of the highest quality. Even apart from the delicious carnival doughnuts, there is something for everyone at Kaplan am Kurpark - whether pastries, chocolates, and other sweet, decadent treats.

A doughnut in: Carinthia

Gregori bakery

Federal state winner from
Finkensteiner Straße 11, Gödersdorf, Austria

The long-established family business, which is now run by the family in 5th generation, combines skilled craftsmanship with pure passion - and you can taste it! Anyone in Carinthia looking for a delicious doughnut should stop by the Falstaff national winner for Carinthia.

A doughnut in the: Styria

Bakery Café Kranich

Federal state winner from
Hauptstraße 194, 8093 Sankt Peter am Ottersbach, Austria

The delicious baked goods of the Café Kranich bakery are recognized beyond the district borders. The associated café offers a cozy place to linger for all its guests. The secret to great success: the bread varieties are still created in the bakery on the basis of real sourdough, using grain and flour primarily from the region. 

A doughnut in: Upper Austria

Bakery Hinterwirth

Federal state winner from
different branches in Upper Austria

Since 1869, regionality has been held in high regard at Backhaus Hinterwirth. The guests taste the care and dedication and the bakery was promptly chosen as the birthplace of the most popular doughnut in Upper Austria for the year 2023 in the Falstaff voting.  

A doughnut in: Salzburg

Bakery Vorhauer

Federal state winner from
Hauptstraße 34, 5201 Seekirchen am Wallersee, Austria

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The mission: to conjure up something special from high-quality and regional products. They succeeded due the loyal guests of the Vorhauer bakery who chose the fluffy doughnuts as the most popular in the province of Salzburg.

A doughnut in: Tyrol

Waldhart home bakery

Federal state winner from
Obermarkt 8, Telfs, Austria

Since 1784, this Tyrolean bakery has been grinding, stretching, braiding and layering. You can taste the dedication every day - especially when you take your first bite of the fluffy Faschingskrapfen.

A doughnut in: Vorarlberg

Bakery Münsch

Federal state winner from

Bazulstraße 18, 6710 Nenzing, Austria

In the traditional company Münsch in Vorarlberg, the baked goods are still baked fresh every day according to traditional recipes. Customers, even across the Austrian border, appreciate the diverse range of delicious breads, cakes, and pies. The creative team works their magic. Nevertheless, you can also find the most popular doughnut in Vorarlberg here.

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