Glamping auf Aruba
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Glamping on Aruba: Why this Airbnb has to be on your bucket list

A private pool, desert, ocean view, lots of privacy and a luxury Airstream as accommodation: Airbnb takes glamping on Aruba to a new level.

26 February 2022

Luxury Airstream in Aruba
Paradera, Aruba
Price: approx. € 260,-/night
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More than 1.5 million tourists visit the small Caribbean island of Aruba every year. It is located about 25 kilometers north of Venezuela. The entire underwater world has been protected for more than 20 years. This makes it so popular, especially with divers.

Glamping in Aruba has never been so beautiful. © Airbnb

But also the nature on the island is breathtaking. Wide plains covered with cacti can be found as well as brilliant white sandy beaches and turquoise sparkling bays. Active people are just as right here as beach vacationers. Airbnb superhost Katrin gives especially nature-lovers the opportunity for exceptional glamping on Aruba in her luxury Airstream. The nine-meter-long motorhome is surrounded by nothing but nature in the middle of the island. It is the ideal starting point for all activities on Aruba.

Pool with cactus and ocean views are included in the experience. © Airbnb

Living in the wilderness

The Airstream is equipped with a small kitchen, a sitting and dining area and a comfortable double bed. A wooden deck with deck chairs surrounds it and invites you to enjoy the nature. A pool and a hot tub are also part of this Airbnb. The bathroom of the Airbnb is moved outside in Maldives style. You can shower and brush your teeth surrounded by tropical nature.

Maldives, Utah or the Caribbean? Aruba is a little bit of everything. © Airbnb

While you cool off in the pool outside, during the day the view falls to the north onto the Caribbean Sea. And at nightfall, it's worth looking up. Millions of twinkling stars shine in the jet-black night sky. Numerous animals cavort around the Airstream. It can happen that a rabbit hops through the idyll or a lizard crosses the path. You should be on the lookout for them in the first place. Half of the lizard species that can be found on the island can only be found here.

As night descends over Aruba, the glamping experience is nothing short of spectacular. © Airbnb

Caribbean Culinary

In addition to the kitchen inside, guests have access to an outdoor BBQ area. Those who wish can help themselves directly from the herb garden or steal vegetables and fruit from the raised bed. Landlady Katrin is also happy to put guests in touch with local farmers and bakers. They supply the guests of the Airstream with fresh meat, dairy products, pastries and even regional wines and spirits. 

Dining with a view. © Airbnb

Active vacation in Aruba

Guests of the glamping on Aruba offer will not be bored in any case. Because snorkeling equipment and yoga mats are just as ready as binoculars for bird watching. Dumbbells, a telescope, therabands and even yoga instructors, masseurs and hiking guides are also available on request. Two hiking trails begin directly at the Airstream.

Booking well in advance pays off - Airbnb is exceedingly well booked. © Airbnb

Nature conservation is important to the hosts. Birdbaths and small water holes for the animal co-inhabitants are everywhere on the private estate, which covers about one hectare. Rare trees and plants grow here as part of a species conservation project. So if you prefer turn-down service, spa and pillow menu, this is not the place for you. All other guests will love the luxurious glamping on Aruba.

Luxury Airstream in Aruba
Paradera, Aruba
Price: approx. € 260,-/night
How to book

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