Ibiza by Carmen Haid

Ibiza is not just a holiday destination, it is a lifestyle.

18 February 2021

Carmen Haid

Luxury Brand Specialist & Consultant Carmen Haid on her favourite place Ibiza.

Antique, modern, classic, bold, refreshing or special: beauty has many faces. And these are precisely Carmen Haid's profession: as a brand specialist and consultant, the businesswoman deals exclusively with beautiful things. Her personal passion lies in finding old and antique objects and then trading them. In terms of fashion, the businesswoman makes no compromises: Carmen Haid also demonstrates a sense of style here. As a fashion expert and globetrotter, the businesswoman has already seen many places on this earth. But one island in particular has taken her fancy. In the Travel Diary she explains why she has been going there again and again for 20 years and what her personal highlights are.


Ibiza is not just a holiday destination; for me it's a lifestyle. I've been going there for more than two decades and I never tire of the island. For me, everything doesn't always have to be planned out on holiday. I just follow the flow and watch where it takes me day by day. It's not for nothing that my motto in life is: Live life to the fullest and have fun doing it! That's exactly what I enjoy on the Mediterranean island. As a hotel expert, I am asked time and again which accommodation on Ibiza is recommendable. I don't have to think long. My insider tip is the Atzaro. The complex blends beautifully with the natural surroundings. The spa area is ideal to find a little relaxation for body and mind. My second tip is the Cas Gasi. The Spanish finca has a family charm.

Ibiza is not just a holiday destination. It is a lifestyle

There are many restaurants serving Spanish tapas and fish dishes in Ibiza. I myself have two favourites where other island lovers regularly find me. I often spend a relaxing evening at the La Paloma. Beauty is not only important to me in my job: the ambience in restaurants is also important. And that's true at La Paloma. My second favorite restaurant is the Balafia. This is a typical Spanish restaurant. Meat from the grill or a light salad - almost everyone will find what they are looking for on the menu. The idyllic, lovingly landscaped garden is my personal highlight of every visit. But the perfect evening for me doesn't end comfortably with a glass of wine at one of these places. Because: I have to dance and that exuberantly until the early hours of the morning. I find relaxation from an eventful evening before with my morning yoga. I love the lingering dynamic of the sport, which lasts almost the whole day.

My motto on Ibiza? GO WITH THE FLOW!

My thoughts on Ibiza

I love this place because ...
... I've been going there for over 20 years and I never get tired of the island.

The best way to spend the day there is ...
... to be in nature and listen to good music. 

When I'm in Ibiza, I love it ...
... not having a plan and living in the day.

The most extraordinary place in Ibiza is ...
... Tagomago, a private island.

What music goes best with Ibiza ...
... the best DJs in the world (Guy Gerber, Nu, Stavros etc.)

A look into my life

Best moment of the day?
The lingering momentum after morning yoga or exercise.

My greatest passion?
Music, fashion, yoga, vintage. I love finding and trading antique/old things.

How would a good friend describe you?
Positive, lots of ideas, stylish, always has fun in life.

My lifestyle in 5 words:
Vintage, Gypset, Global, Easy, Chic.

My philosophy of life:
Live life to the fullest and have fun with it! Life is good!

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