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Luxury to choose from: Tailor-made experiences in the Maldives

Whether it's a night on a private island or a wine tasting in the ocean, the luxury hotel Constance Halaveli makes for an unforgettable vacation.

9 July 2021

A time out to recharge your batteries: the exclusive Conctance Halaveli Resort in the Maldives offers perfectly tailored experiences to make your holiday unforgettable. Whether a night under the fulminant starry sky, a wonderful wine tasting or the choice of fragrance in your hotel room: the resort gives guests complete freedom in deciding how to spend their stay.


A holistic journey

Even before arrival, Halaveli's team of experts begins creating a personalized program to rebalance the guest's body and reorder their mind after this challenging year. Once on the island, guests then meet with the resort's nutrition experts, yoga gurus, fitness instructors and spa therapists to begin their holistic journey.

The relaxing holiday is backed by experts. Credit: Constance Halaveli

Sleep under the stars

Guests have the opportunity to spend a night under a canvas or simply under a blanket of stars on their own deserted island off the coast of Halaveli. A night on the picturesque sandy bay promises a playful Robinson Crusoe adventure - this experience is one of a kind.

Unforgettable: a night under the stars. Credit: Constance Halaveli

Halaveli Wine Tour

In addition to private tours of the extensive wine cellars, which contain over 1780 wines, there is the opportunity to take a private wine class or blind tasting and even the chance to kayak out onto a sandbank for a wine tasting. Alternatively, guests enjoy the very popular lagoon wine tasting, where they stand knee-deep in the crystal blue ocean and watch the sunset while sampling wines from around the world. 

A wine tasting in the Indian Ocean becomes a unique experience. Credit: Constance Halaveli

Tailor-made luxury

Guests at Constance Halaveli can now even choose the scent they prefer for their room from a variety of essential oils and soaps as well as the colour scheme for their pillows and bed runner.

Guests can help design their room. Credit: Constance Halaveli

Hotspot for golf lovers

The hotel group offers its guests luxurious comfort with excellent service and places a special focus on cuisine, wine, spa and golf. The resort is also the first port of call for golf lovers in the Indian Ocean and has a pioneering role. Constance initiated the first championship golf course in Mauritius and also built and operates the first 18-hole golf course in the Seychelles. In the meantime, guests can prove their handicap on three 18-hole golf courses of Constance Hotels, Resorts & Golf.

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