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Princess Cruises: Around the world with Family and Friends

Traveling the world is only half as nice if you can't share it with your loved ones. A journey with Princess Cruises is the best way to create unforgettable memories with the whole family - or your best friends.

16 May 2024

"Come feel the love!" - the motto of Princess Cruisesis very fitting: Aside from offering wonderful routes from Alaska to South America and from Australia to Europe, but they have also created amazing bonding experiences for families and friends. The Children's and Youth Center, which is available on all ships, offers everything a kid could wish for: from a painting and craft corner to play tables, movies, computer games and a pool. Add to that cooking, pottery and photography classes, exciting nightlife and a range of fitness classes perfect for small or large groups of friends looking for fun together while exploring the world, and you have the recipie for a perfect holiday.

Perfect for families with children aged three to 17 as well as small and large groups of friends who want to enjoy special bonding experiences while traveling.
Highlight The extensive entertainment program for young and old, including a Las Vegas-style casino, nightclub, library, game room and outdoor cinema.
The best routes A round trip through Alaska, including a detour to the Rocky Mountains and a visit to Denali National Park; a tour of Japan including a stop in historic Kyoto; a tour of the Panama Canal from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles; a tour of Tahiti, Hawaii and the South Pacific from Sydney to Auckland; a transatlantic journey from Rome to Fort Lauderdale.

This article appeared in the Falstaff TRAVEL issue Spring 2024.

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