Insidertipps für Sizilien
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Sicily for insiders: the best tips from Rossella and Huw Beaugié

A vacation in Sicily changed everything for the young couple. For it was here, 20 years ago, that the idea for The Thinking Traveller was born, today the leading provider of exclusive vacation villas. In the interview, the two reveal their best insider tips for Sicily.

11 June 2022

First, the Englishman Huw Beaugié fell in love with the Sicilian Rossella - and shortly thereafter with the entire island. The two had originally met in Paris, where they were both studying. But an impressive vacation on the Italian island changed everything for the two. They discovered a niche, gave up their professions and founded the company in 2002. The Thinking Traveller. The company's portfolio today includes exceptional and exclusive villas in Sicily, Puglia, Greece, Corsica and Mallorca. In the interview, they reveal their best insider tips for Sicily.

If you had to describe Sicily in just three words - what would they be?
Captivating, complex, completely fascinating

What does Sicily taste like?
Sweet and sour, hearty and refreshing at the same time. A main role in Sicilian cuisine is played by lemons and tomatoes.

Which three hotels or villas are always a good choice?
The Villa Igiea is the perfect place to spend a few days in Palermo. If you prefer to explore the Val di Noto in the southeast of the island and experience absolute privacy, a wonderful panoramic pool and a lot of charm, you will find it in the Casa Vera . Near Catania, in Giarre, lies the Villa Don Arcangelo all'Olmo. It is especially suitable for larger families, a multigenerational vacation or a group of friends.

Insidertipps für Sizilien
The successful entrepreneurial couple met in Paris. ©The Thinking Traveller

How do you relax?
Sailing around the Aeolian Islands!

What should everyone do at least once when visiting Sicily?
Try one of the local delicacies: Granita with a freshly baked brioche!

What are the best souvenirs - and where should you buy them?
Ceramic products from contemporary, local designers are a great choice. Camparia in Favignana offers a great selection.

What is the most secret of the insider tips for Sicily that you can share with us?
It's no secret, but often overlooked by tourists: the Valsecchi Art Collection in Palazzo Butera in Palermo.

Insidertipps für Sizilien
The couple has three children together - and a business. ©The Thinking Traveller

And what else is on your personal bucket list?
Japan - for its culture and food!

What do you always have with you when you travel?
A good book, if possible it is about the place where I'm travelling. A notebook to draw and to collect thoughts, ideas and the best addresses.

What do you miss the most when you are not at home?
The unique taste of seasonal fruits picked fresh from the tree!

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