Stockholm by Mark A. Thompson

This place feels like my home away from home

19 February 2021

Mark A. Thompson

As a writer and photographer for Travel Weekly, Mark A. Thompson captures very special moments with his camera. Beauty - in all its diversity: this inspires Thomson both professionally and privately. Traveling is a new discovery for him every time. Born in New York, Thomson holds a doctorate in American Studies. But why he is not drawn to an English-speaking country in his free time and what he appreciates so much about his favorite travel destination, he reveals in the TRAVEL DIARY.


I'm always drawn back to Stockholm. The capital of Sweden feels like a second home to me. It's fascinating that Stockholm is a classic big city, but it doesn't just score with architecture. But also with nature. And you can experience that especially around Stockholm: because the archipelago is impressive.

The city has managed to enforce equal rights for homosexuals. Not only in Sweden but all over the world. This tolerance is also noticeable in other areas. I like the attitude of the people in Stockholm. All the people there have that in them. They know how to live and how to enjoy it to the fullest. I appreciate that.

I like the attitude to life of the people in Stockholm. They know how to live and how to enjoy it to the fullest.

If you come to Stockholm in the summer, you should follow the Mälarpaviljongen definitely pay a visit. There is a good restaurant with delicious food and a bar with varied drinks. The pavilion is located on a pier, the atmosphere on the water is idyllic in good weather and makes you forget that you are actually in a capital city. Where I always like to dine is at the Mathias Dahlgren at the Grand Hotel. I also like to have a nightcap there. The perfect evening ends with a glass of champagne. But for this is also suitable The Cadier Bar.

The most famous place in Stockholm is probably Drottningholm Palace with its Chinese Pavilion and Gustavs III's Pavilion in Haga Park. Both are worth seeing and located in an idyllic setting. If you are in Stockholm for the first time, you should definitely put these places on your list. There are a lot of nice hotels in the Swedish capital. For staying over night, the already mentioned Grand Hotel is recommendable. A unique flair also offers the Ett Hem. Located directly on the water and very idyllic is the Hotel Skeppsholmen. Here, too, the special magic of the city can be absorbed.

Junior Suite Veranda at Hotel Skeppsholmen. Raksmorgas, Hotel Skeppsholmen.

What I really recommend to every visitor: Get on a boat and explore Stockholm's beauty from the water. Because that's exactly what makes the charm of this capital: The combination of water and great architecture.

The city fits perfectly with my life motto: Enjoy life to the fullest. For me, Sweden is the best place to do that.

Stockholm gives you hope about the future of the world.

Ett Hem Hotel. Ett Hem Hotel.
Ett Hem Hotel. The cadier bar.

My thoughts on Stockholm

I love this place because ...

It always feels like "coming home" to me. No matter how many times I come back to Stockholm, I'm always amazed by the natural beauty of the archipelago and the social progressivism of the city that has defended LGBT equality, not only in Sweden but around the world - all complemented by residents with innate style and joie de vivre.

The best way to spend the day there is ...

Walking around and then having a "fika" - coffee break. Explore the city by boat and of course enjoy traditional Swedish food.

When I'm in Stockholm, I love to...

Spending an evening at Mälarpaviljongen - a cool bar right by the water.

The most extraordinary place in Stockholm is ...

Two of the most fabulous places in Stockholm are Drottningholm Castle with its Chinese pavilion and of course King Gustav III's pavilion in Haga Park. Both residences are in very idyllic locations.

What music best suits Stockholm ...

Everything from the R&B or Philly soul direction of the seventies. The Swedes take inspiration from American music and then create their own music that dominates the world's radio waves.

The best restaurants

Mathias Dahlgren


Drottningholm Castle
Gustav III's Pavilion

Drottningholm Palace. Streetlife Stockholm.

A look into my life

Best moment of the day?

The dawn

My greatest passion?

Truth and beauty

How would a good friend describe you?

Sensitive, passionate and curious

My lifestyle in 5 words:

Live for love

My philosophy of life:

My philosophy of life comes from Henry James, who wrote: "Live as well as you can; it would be a mistake not to. It doesn't matter what you do exactly, as long as you have your life" - and he also said people would be rich if they could realize their ideas. All this could be summarized in the Latin "Carpe diem" (but then the beauty of James' words would be lost ...)

Image credit: Mark A. Thompson; Bigstock www.bigstockphoto.comHotel Skeppsholmen www.hotelskeppsholmen.se; Hotel Ett Hem www.etthem.se

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