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Why We Want to Travel to the Maldives Now

First of all: Is there any reason not to have the dreamlike group of islands in the Indian Ocean at the top of your bucket list? No! If you still hesitate, you should definitely continue reading.

September 14, 2023

Once you've experienced the powder-white sandy beaches on the bathtub-warm Indian Ocean, you probably won't need much persuasion to board another plane bound for Malé as soon as possible. And if you've never been to the Maldives, will hopefully have the group of islands along with their numerous luxurious resorts at the top of their bucket list. There are many reasons to travel to the Maldives now. And the right hotels for demanding travelers exist anyway.

Jetzt auf die Malediven reisen Beach

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1. Dreamlike weather

One of the many reasons we want to travel to the Maldives now is the gorgeous weather. Contrary to what is often assumed, the Maldives are actually a year-round destination. While many guests long for bright blue skies and warm temperatures, especially in the European winter, the archipelago offers these attributes all year round. Between November and April it rains the least. However, since it's still about the tropics, short rain showers occur every now and then. However, it never gets cold.

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2. Breathtaking underwater world

It's no secret that colorful spectacles take place under the surface of the Indian Ocean. Manta rays, reef sharks, water turtles, dolphins, whale sharks and corals are some of the most impressive sea creatures you'll encounter here. Depending on what time of year you travel to the Maldives, the composition of the animal inhabitants in the ocean changes. In May, for example, the water is a bit more turbid because there's more plankton. But this, in turn, attracts the larger fish, such as sharks and manta rays.

Maldives Walhai

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Dolphins can be seen all year round in the warm waters, from January to April you can see most of them. Also whale sharks can be seen all year round in the Maldives. They populate the western side of South Ari Atoll between May and December. Between January and April they migrate to the east. By the way, every now and then it's worth to look up. The Maldives are home to the fascinating flying foxes too.

3. Pure relaxation

In the Maldives, the clocks tick differently. Here, situated far away from any other civilization, - with bare feet in the warm sand and a cocktail in hand - you forget very quickly the disdainful everyday life. Instead of traffic noise and congestion, there are, at most distant sounds, traditional drums beating to welcome new guests. Plenty of personal space and pure privacy underscore the feeling of having landed in a parallel universe. For absolute deep relaxation, most Maldives resorts also have spas. These pamper you with dreamlike treatments and help you achieve a new sense of well-being.

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4. Varied activities

As small as most island resorts are, they offer a wide range of activities. For example, between June and September in many places you'll get the best conditions for surfing. The waves are then up to three meters high. From October the sea calms down - then SUPs and kayaks are in use, also jetskis and kitesurfing provide fun on the water. In the water, people swim, snorkel and dive. And on land, numerous resorts offer exciting sports programs. For example, aerial yoga, group workouts and personal training. There's also plenty to do away from the sports. From cooking classes to painting lessons to stargazing, the offer ranges.

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5. Luxury hotels

The Maldives is probably the region of the world with the highest density of luxurious hotels and resorts. Those who come here usually don't choose an island as their destination, but the resort that is located on it. These four extraordinary resorts are more reasons why we love traveling to the Maldives now:

COMO Cocoa Island

Como Cocoa Island

© Como Cocoa Island

COMO Cocoa Island is a paradise in South Malé Atoll. It can be reached within 40 minutes by speedboat from the airport. Only 34 overwater villas with up to three bedrooms and partly private pools make the resort a very private hideaway. Guests can look forward to the legendary COMO Shambhala wellness program and healthy cuisine.

COMO Cocoa Island
Makunufushi South Malé Atoll, 20109, Maldives
Tel: +960 664-1818
Web: comohotels.com
Price: Villa from € 1,975

Four Seasons Kuda Huraa

Four Seasons Kuda Huraa Malediven

© Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

Located in North Malé Atoll, the beautiful Four Seasons Kuda Huraa is another reason to want to travel to the Maldives now. Flower gardens, a private island spa, and legendary Four Seasons service make every stay the perfect experience. In addition to water villas, there are also spacious beachfront villas; they all have their own pool. The Visiting Practitioners program also gives guests the opportunity to put themselves in the hands of the world's leading spa experts.

Four Seasons Kuda Huraa
Kuda Huraa North Malé Atoll, 20097, Maldives
Tel: +960 664-4888
Web: fourseasons.com
Price: Villa from € 1.200

Joali Being

Joali Being

© Joali Being

This resort is exceptional in many ways. For example, its health concept is considered revolutionary and particularly comprehensive. It's based on the pillars of mind, skin, immune system and energy. It's complemented by elegant design, luxurious interiors and unspoiled nature. A total of 68 villas with private pools can be found here. Culinary guests can look forward to a Earth-to-Table concept and three restaurants.

Joali Being
Bodufushi Island, Maldives
Tel: +960 658-3100
Web: joali.com
Price: Villa from € 2,000

Cora Cora Maldives

© Cora Cora Maldives

Feel the Freedom is the motto of this beautiful resort in Raa Atoll. It opened just two years ago and offers its guests absolute freedom. They can do what they want - and where and when they want to. Breakfast at midnight? No problem! Gourmet cuisine and food trends are on the menu, and guests of the total of 100 villas and suites can also be pampered in the spa. A special feature at Cora Cora Maldives is also the Raa Maamigili Ethnological Museum, which is part of the resort.

Cora Cora Maldives
Raa Maamigili Raa Atoll, 05161, Maldives
Tel: +960 658-4888
Web: coracoraresorts.com
Villa from € 875


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